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 Collection: UNT Scholarly Works
A Metadata Approach to Preservation of Digital Resources: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
Article discussing metadata approaches to preservation of digital resources and the experiences of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Metadata: Batch Editing of MARC Records (work area D)
Report for an Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS) Grant Partner Uplift Project. This reports workflows developed for the conversion of two sets of metadata records and serves the following objectives: research different avenues for the batch import and export of MARC records from popular integrated library systems, identify tools/software which aids in batch editing of MARC records, and document workflow for batch editing MARC records.
The Metadata Education and Research Information Commons (MERIC): A Collaborative Teaching and Research Initiative
Article dicsussing the Metadata Education and Research Information Commons (MERIC), a collaborative teaching and research initiative.
Metadata Enhancements and Quality Assurance Mechanisms
This poster presentation was presented at the 2008 Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) conference (Work in Progress session). The poster discusses that maintaining usable and sustainable digital collections requires a complex set of actions, and demonstrates some of the tools and quality assurance mechanisms used at the UNT Libraries.
Metadata Enhancements and Quality Assurance Mechanisms
Abstract document accompanying a poster presentation for the 2008 ALISE Annual Conference (Work in Progress session. The topic is maintaining usable and sustainable digital collections using a complex set of actions and some of the tools and quality assurance mechanisms used at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Metadata for ETD Lifecycle Management
Chapter from Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs. This chapter describes the roles of metadata in facilitating the ETD lifecycle, methods to capture metadata manually and automatically, examples of programs using metadata to enhance ETD access, and strategies to manage metadata over time.
Metadata Madness: Quality Issues in Metadata Management
This presentation provides an introductory discussion on metadata quality issues. It outlines factors that influence metadata quality including the resource types, local requirements, collaborators' requirements, and cost issues and addresses how to manage metadata quality.
Metadata Quality: A Phased Approach to Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Resources
Poster presented at the 2009 ASIS&T Annual Meeting. This poster discusses how an effective metadata management approach can help institutions improve consistency, clarity of lineage, and relationships to that they can better use, reuse, and integrate resources.
Metadata Quality: A Phased Approach to Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Resources
Paper accompanying a poster presentation at the 2009 ASIS&T Annual Meeting. This paper discusses metadata quality and a phased approach to ensuring long-term access to digital resources.
Metadata Quality Assurance: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
Article on metadata quality assurance and the experience of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Metadata Quality Assurance: The University of North Texas Libraries' Experience
Presentation on issues related to metadata quality management and demonstrates a number of tools, workflows, and quality assurance mechanisms employed by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.
Metadata Quality Enhancement for Large Digital Collections: Web Browser Automation with Selenium IDE
Poster presented at the 2012 TCDL Annual Conference. This poster discusses metadata quality enhancement for large digital collections.
Metadata Records Translation And Evaluation for Multilingual Information Access
This presentation was given as an invited talk to faculty and students at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) in Toluca, Mexico. The presentation discusses research on multilingual information access and the Metadata Records Translation (MRT) Project.
Metadata Records Translation: The Case of The Portal to Texas History
Article on metadata records translation and a study of The Portal to Texas History.
Metadata to fit your needs... How much is too much?
This presentation briefly introduces the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries and their mission. It explains the structure of the Digital Projects Unit having the Digital Library and The Portal to Texas History, and discusses their metadata structure and its role in Digital Projects.
Metadata Tools and Workflows at the University of North Texas
This presentation illustrates the metadata tools, workflows, and quality control measures at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.
Metadata Training Needs Assessment: Final Report
Report prepared for the Texas Digital Library (TDL) Metadata Working Group (MWG). In this report, the focus is on the project that was tasked in creating metadata course/modules for beginners and experts alike.
Metal Ablation in Supersonic Expansion Gas Coupled to an Ion Mass Filter
Patent relating to metal ablation in supersonic expansion gas coupled to an ion mass filter.
Metal Effect on the Supramolecular Structure, Photophysics, and Acid-Base Character of Trinuclear Pyrazolato Coinage Metal Complexes
This article discusses the metal effect on the supramolecular structure, photophysics, and acid-base character of trinuclear pyrazolato coinage metal complexes.
Metal Hydroxide Derivatives Containing Chemically Bound Organophosphorus or Polyphosphate Species as Flame Retardants
Patent relating to metal hydroxide derivatives containing chemically bound organophosphorus or polyphosphate species as flame retardants.
Metaphoric Analysis of a Shipyard Union Dispute: Theory and Method in the Cultural Analysis of Collective Action
This book chapter discusses the metaphoric analysis of a shipyard union dispute and the theory and method in the cultural analysis of collective action. Rather than treating grievances and political opportunities, given, and exogenous to organized movement groups, cultural analysts of social movements have recently focused on cognitive and linguistic processes by which factors relevant to collective behavior are themselves interpreted collectively.
Methane Activation by Group IVB Imido Complexes
Article discussing an ab initio study of methane activation by group IVB imido complexes.
D-Methionine protects against cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity in cortical networks
Article discussing D-Methionine protecting against cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity in cortical networks.
Method and Apparatus for Hydrogen Production from Greenhouse Gas Saturated Carbon Nanotubes and Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures Therefrom
Patent relating a method and apparatus for hydrogen production from greenhouse gas saturated carbon nanotubes and synthesis of carbon nanostructures therefrom.
Method for Generating Numerical Values Indicative of Frequencies of Selected Features in Objects, and a Computer System Implementing the Method
Patent relating to methods for generating numerical values indicative of frequencies of selected features in objects, and a computer system implementing the method.
Method for Removing Contaminants on a Substrate
Patent relating to a method for removing contaminants on a substrate.
Method for using Filed Emitter Arrays in Chemical and Biological Hazard Mitigation and Remediation
Patent relating to a method for using field emitter arrays in chemical and biological hazard mitigation and remediation.
A Method for Word Sense Disambiguation of Unrestricted Text
This paper discusses a method for word sense disambiguation of unrestricted text.
Method of Enhancing Quality Factors in Cotton
Patent relating to a method of enhancing quality factors in cotton.
Method of Making Integrated Circuits Using Ruthenium and its Oxides as a Cu Diffusion Barrier
Patent relating to a method of making integrated circuits using ruthenium and its oxides as a Cu diffusion barrier.
Method, System and Apparatus for Automatic Keyword Extraction
Patent relating to a method, system and apparatus for automatic keyword extraction.
Methods and Devices for Electromagnetically Tuning Acoustic Media
Patent relating to methods and devices for electromagnetically tuning acoustic media.
Methods and Devices for Enrollment and Verification of Biometric Information in Identification Documents
Patent relating to methods and devices for enrollment and verification of biometric information in identification documents.
Methods and Systems for Indoor Navigation
Patent relating to methods and systems for indoor navigation.
Methods for Detection of Driving Conditions and Habits
Patent relating to methods for detection of driving conditions and habits.
Methods for Extending the Freshness of Cut Flowers, Ornamental Trees, and Plant Cuttings
Patent relating to methods for extending the freshness of cut flowers, ornamental trees, and plant cuttings.
Methods of Exoplanet Detection for Amateurs: A Work in Progress
This poster discusses research on methods of exoplanet detection for amateurs. The authors present the pros and cons of the transit method widely used by amateurs to detect exoplanets, as well as consider what benefits there are to the more obscure methods typically employed by professionals.
Methods of Forming Graphene/(Multilayer) Boron Nitride for Electronic Device Applications
Patent relating to methods of forming graphene/(multilayer) boron nitride for electronic device applications.
The Microbial Communities in Male First Catch Urine Are Highly Similar to Those in Paired Urethral Swab Specimens
Article discussing the microbial communities in male first catch urine and how these are highly similar to those paired in urethral swab specimens.
Microwave absorption by an array of carbon nanotubes: A phenomenological model
Article discussing microwave absorption by an array of carbon nanotubes and a phenomenological model.
Miles to go before we sleep: education, technology, and the changing paradigms in health information
Article discussing a philosophy of educating health information professionals in a rapidly changing health care and information environment.
Mindfulness, Self-Esteem and Positive States of Mind: Correlates of Mental Health in LGBT Individuals
Presentation on the mental health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) individuals. The authors hypothesize that mindfulness, self-esteem, and PSOM explain a significant proportion of variance of mental health of LGBT individuals and discuss their study in this presentation.
Mining Newspaper Archives
This presentation discusses mining online newspaper archives. The topics in this presentation include the types of information found in these newspapers, the technology and standards for digitizing newspapers and offering effective search and navigation, ways to search, view, and browse the newspapers and how to use the search results.
Mixture of experts models to exploit global sequence similarity on biomolecular sequence labeling
Article discussing models for increasing the reliability of computational methods for identifying functionally important sites from biomolecular sequences.
Mme Riccoboni Épistolière-Romancière L'Épître-Préface à Garrick et les Lettres de Mme de Sancerre
Book chapter on the novelist Madame Riccoboni with letters by Madame de Sancerre and a letter addressed to David Garrick.
Mn Interstitial Diffusion in (Ga, Mn)As
This article describes a combined theoretical and experimental study of the ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga, Mn)As which explains the remarkably lard changes observed on low-temperature annealing.
Mobility-Based CAC Algorithm for Arbitrary Call-Arrival Rates in CDMA Cellular Systems
Article on a mobility-based CAC algorithm for arbitrary call-arrival rates in CDMA cellular systems.
Mobilization Interest Groups: The Relationship between Targeted Audiences and Corporate Supporters
Thesis written by a student in the UNT Honors College discussing the relationship between corporate mobilization of political campaigns and their targeted audiences.
Mock Trial on Stalin and Stalinism
This poster describes an experiential learning activity for the UNT course History 5040, Historiography of Stalinism. The goal is to apply critical reasoning to Stalin's politics in a courtroom environment.
A Model for Integrating the Publication and Preservation of Journal Articles
Presentation for Open Repositories 2014 discussing a model for integrating the publication and preservation of journal articles.