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  Partner: UNT College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism
 Collection: UNT Scholarly Works
Consumer Engagement in Digital Channels - A Digital Strategy
This poster discusses the experiential learning activity process for a course in the UNT Business department. The overall learning goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by multi-channel businesses.
Ethics in Sustainable Tourism Development
This paper discusses ethics in sustainable tourism development. The author is studying International Sustainable Tourism at the University of North Texas and is exploring how sustainable tourism can be a catalyst for positive change worldwide.
Historical Studies Pave the Way for European Study Abroad Tour Survey of Historic and Contemporary Styles
This poster discusses a project on historic and contemporary styles offering students to design a complete exhibition from the procurement of garments to its final promotion in an international environment.
Integrative Learning Approach
This poster reports on using an integrative learning approach that incorporates various pedagogical styles such as problem-based learning, experiential learning, social learning theory, and cooperative learning to help students learn.
Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising: Experiential Learning in an Online Class
This poster discusses experiential learning in an online class. The course for which the projects are proposed is 'Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising' where students are provided with the knowledge to adapt and apply fundamental business tools for the pursuit of sustainable development to business operation.