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Abriendo Puertas Hacia el Futuro: The Road Toward Becoming an Educator
This paper discusses The Oral History Project and research on becoming an educator.
Abstraction Augmented Markov Models
Article discussing the abstraction augmented Markov models.
AC 2007-1844: An Innovative Mechanical and Energy Engineering Curriculum
This paper discusses the addition of a new Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas (UNT). Those involved see the curriculum for this new program as a new model of engineering education that parallels the innovations of UNTs current Learning to Learn (L2L) project-oriented concept course with the addition of innovative approaches for mechanical engineering and emphasis on energy engineering education.
Accountability versus Autonomy? Toward a More Responsible Practice of Science
This paper was awarded a Nicholas and Anna Ricco Ethics Award for 2013. In this paper, the author discusses issues related to accountability versus autonomy and suggestions toward a more responsible practice of science.
Acetylcholine-Containing Neuroepithelial Cells in Fish Gills Support the Cholinergic Hypothesis of O2 Chemoreception
This paper discusses research on how acetylcholine-containing neuroepithelial cells in fish gills support the cholinergic hypothesis of O2 chemoreception.
The Action of Action Research: An Analysis of Action Research Projects Completed in the UNT/Denton ISD PDS
This paper discusses an analysis of action research projects completed in the UNT/Denton Independent School District (ISD). Action research is the inquiry part of a Professional Development School (PDS) model that all UNT elementary education, pre-service teacher/student interns complete with mentor teachers during student teaching.
"Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea": An Investigation into the Treatment of mens rea in the Quest to Hold Individuals Accountable for Genocide
This paper discusses a research investigation into the treatment of mens rea in the quest to hold individuals accountable for genocide. This paper focuses on doctrinal controversies and examines how genocide is and has been addressed by modern tribunals, with special emphasis on the subjective mens rea (mental element) required for genocide.
Adopt-A-Molecule: A guided Inquiry for Increasing Student Interest in Organic Chemistry
This paper discusses the "Adopt-A-Molecule" project, a 9-week long, two-part term project, undertaken by students enrolled in the first of the 2-semester sequence in organic chemistry (Fall 2009).
African American Parental Involvement
This paper discusses a research project on the relationship between African American parent volunteer involvement and student reading scores.
Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives
Paper discussing aging and rejuvenation with fractional derivatives.
An Algorithm for Open Text Semantic Parsing
Abstract: This paper describes an algorithm for open text shallow semantic parsing. The algorithm relies on a frame dataset (FrameNet) and a semantic network (WordNet), to identify semantic relations between words in open text, as well as shallow semantic features associated with concepts in the text. Parsing semantic structures allows semantic units and constituents to be accessed and processed in a more meaningful way than syntactic parsing, moving the automation of understanding natural language text to a higher level.
Amazon Mechanical Turk for Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation
In this paper, the authors discuss research on whether they can use Mechanical Turk (MTurk) to acquire goo annotations with respect to gold-standard data, whether they can filter out low-quality workers (spammers), and whether there is a learning effect associated with repeatedly completing the same kind of task.
Analyzing the Persistence of Referenced Web Resources with Memento
Paper presenting the results of a study into the persistence and availability of web resources reference from papers in scholarly repositories.
Anchor Nodes Placement for Effective Passive Localization
This paper discusses anchor nodes placement for effective passive localization. The authors show that, for effective passive localization, the optimal placement of the anchor nodes is at the center of the network in such a way that no three anchor nodes share linearity.
Answering complex, list and context questions with LCC's Question-Answering Server
This paper presents the architecture of the Question-Answering server (QAS) developed at the Language Computer Corporation (LCC) and used in the TREC-10 evaluations.
Applying User-Centered Design Principles to Redesign the Interface to the Portal to Texas History: The IOGENE Project
This paper discusses applying user-centered design principles to redesign The Portal to Texas History, as part of the IOGENE project at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Approximating User Distributions in WCDMA Networks Using 2-D Gaussian
This paper discusses approximating user distributions in WCDMA networks using 2-D Gaussian.
Archaeal Abundance In The Sargasso Sea
This paper discusses research on the abundance of archaea in the Sargasso Sea. The archaea were collected on Bermuda Atlantic Time Series Validation cruises 45 and 46 to Puerto Rico. This paper discusses the results of the research conducted by the authors.
Assessing Descriptive Substance in Free-Text Collection-Level Metadata
This paper discusses assessing descriptive substance in free-text collection-level metadata. Abstract: Collection-level metadata has the potential to provide important information about the features and purpose of individual collections. This paper reports on a content analysis of collection records in an aggregation of cultural heritage collections. The findings show that the free-text Description field often provides more accurate and complete representation of subjects and object types than the specified fields. Properties such as importance, uniqueness, comprehensiveness, provenance, and creator are articulated, as well as other vital contextual information about the intentions of a collector and the value of a collection, as a whole, for scholarly users. The results demonstrate that the semantically rich free-text Description field is essential to understanding the context of collections in large aggregations and can serve as a source of data for enhancing and customizing controlled vocabularies.
Assessing Metadata Utilization: An Analysis of MARC Content Designation Use
This paper discusses metadata utilization. Abstract: Metadata schemes emerge to meet community and user requirements, and they evolve over time to meet changing requirements. This paper reports results of an analysis of a large sample of MARC 21 bibliographic records. MARC 21 is an encoding scheme related closely to metadata elements occurring in library bibliographic records. The records were analyzed for the utilization of content designation available in MARC 21. Results indicate that less than 5% of available content designation accounts for over 80% of occurrences. The implications of these findings affect indexing policies, system design, and can inform setting requirements for extending a metadata scheme based on a threshold of community requirements.
Assessment: We know we should do it but does it have to be so difficult?
This paper discusses assessment in library instruction programs.
Attracting and Retaining Women in Computer Science and Engineering: Evaluating the Results
This paper discusses efforts to attract and retain students in computer science and engineering fields.
Automatic generation of a coarse grained WordNet
This paper discusses automatic generation of a coarse grained WordNet.
Automatic Keyword Extraction for Learning Object Repositories
This article discusses automatic keyword extraction for learning object repositories.
An Automatic Method for Generating Sense Tagged Corpora
This paper discusses an automatic method for generating sense tagged corpora.
Autonomous Robot Localization Using WiFi Fingerprinting
This paper discusses autonomous robot localization using WiFi fingerprinting.
Avoiding the Calf-Path: Digital Preservation Readiness for Growing Collections and Distributed Preservation Networks
This paper discusses digital preservation readiness for growing collections and distributed preservation networks.
Awareness of Aphasia and Aphasia Services in South India: Public Health Implications
This paper discusses research on aphasia, a language disorder resulting from brain damage.
BABYLON Parallel Text Builder: Gathering Parallel Texts for Low-Density Languages
This paper discusses BABYLON parallel text builder.
Becoming a Teacher of Mathematics to Elementary Students
This paper discusses research on becoming a teacher of mathematics to elementary students. This is an auto-ethnography of a pre-service teacher during the first semester of Professional Development School, documenting the journey as a learner and teacher of mathematics for this pre-service teacher.
Behavioral Measures of Play
This paper discusses measuring play. Children with autism frequently display deficits in play skills, such as pretend play and object manipulation. This is described both in the diagnostic criteria for autism (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) and in descriptive studies on children's play (Jarrold, 2003; Williams, 2003). However, the nature of these deficits and the degree to which the play of children with autism differs in complexity and variety from the play of typically developing children is unclear (Vig, 2007). The purpose of this article is to review the importance of play in a young child's life and to discuss the importance of measuring play when designing interventions for children with autism. Furthermore, this paper will present an example of a consistent and reliable observation system that assesses the complexity and variety of play on children with autism and with typically developing children.
Better Guidelines, Better Functionality: How Metadata Supports the Cycle of System Improvement at the University of North Texas
Paper on how metadata supports the cycle of system improvements at the University of North Texas (UNT).
Between Identity and Commodity: Female Urban Experience in Vicki Baum's 'Menschen im Hotel'
This paper discusses research on the urban experience of German women in the late Weimar Republic as portrayed in the character Flämmchen in Vicki Baum's 1929 novel 'Menschen im Hotel'.
Beyond Size and Search: Building Contextual Mass in Digital Aggregations for Scholarly Use
This paper discusses building contextual mass in digital aggregations for scholarly use.
Bike Rack Occupancy on the University of North Texas Campus
This paper discusses research on bike rack availability and its relationship to bike ridership on the University of North Texas (UNT) campus.
A Bootstrapping Method for Building Subjectivity Lexicons for Languages with Scarce Resources
This article discusses a bootstrapping method for building subjectivity lexicons for languages with scarce resources.
Building a Sense Tagged Corpus with Open Mind Word Expert
This paper discusses building a sense tagged corpus with Open Mind Word Expert. Abstract: Open Mind Word Expert is an implemented active learning system for collecting word sense tagging from the general public over the Web. It is available at The authors expect the system to yield a large volume of high-quality training data at a much lower cost than the traditional method of hiring lexicographers. The authors thus propose a Senseval-3 lexical sample activity where the training data is collected via Open Mind Word Expert. If successful, the collection process can be extended to create the definitive corpus of word sense information.
Building Institutional Capacity in Digital Preservation
Paper for the IPRES Annual Conference on building institutional capacity in digital preservation.
Building Multilingual Semantic Networks with Non-Expert Contributions over the Web
This paper discusses building multilingual semantic networks.
Can You Hear Me Now: A Meta-Analytical Perspective of the Benefits of Frequency-Modulated (FM) Systems for People with Cochlear Implants
This paper discusses a research study on the benefits of frequency-modulated (FM) systems for adults and children using cochlear implants.
Capacity Allocations in Multi-cell UMTS Networks for Different Spreading Factors with Perfect and Imperfect Power Control
This paper discusses capacity allocation in multi-cell UMTS networks.
Channel Assignment and Load Distribution in a Power-Managed WLAN
This paper discusses a proposed algorithm.
Channel Assignment in an IEEE 802.11 WLAN Based on Signal-to-Interference Ratio
This article discusses channel assignment in an IEEE 802.11 WLAN based on signal-to-interference ratio.
Characterizing Humour: An Exploration of Features in Humorous Texts
This paper investigates the problem of automatic humor recognition, and provides an in-depth analysis of two of the most frequently observed features of humorous text: human-centeredness and negative polarity. Through experiments performed on two collections of humorous texts, the authors show that these properties of verbal humor are consisted across different data sets.
Chinese Information Retrieval Using Lemur: NTCIR-5 CIR Experiments at UNT
This paper discusses Chinese information retrieval using Lemur. Abstract: This paper describes our participation in NTCIR-5 Chinese Information Retrieval (IR) evaluation. The main purpose is to evaluate Lemur, a freely available information retrieval toolkit. Our results showed that Lemur could provide above average performance on most of the runs. We also compared manual queries vs. automatic queries for Chinese IR. The results show that manually generated queries did not have much effect on IR performance. More analysis will be carried out to discover causes behind hard topics and ways to improve the overall retrieval performance.
Chinese QA and CLQA: NTCIR-5 QA Experiments at UNT
Abstract: This paper describes our participation in the NTCIR-5 CLQA task. Three runs were officially submitted for three subtasks: Chinese Question Answering, English-Chinese Question Answering, and Chinese-English Question Answering. We expanded their TREC experimental QA system EagleQA this year to include Chinese QA and Cross-Language QA capabilities. Various information retrieval and natural language processing tools were incorporated with their home-built programs such as Answer Type Identification, Sentence Extraction, and Answer Finding to find answers to the test questions. Future development will focus on investigating effective question translation and answer finding solutions.
Chronicles in Preservation Project
This paper discusses digital preservation frameworks.
Chronopolis and MetaArchive: Preservation Cooperation
This paper will examine ongoing work between two major preservation systems, the Chronopolis Digital Preservation Program, and the MetaArchive Cooperative.
CIMI's Z39.50 Interoperability Testbed: Search and Retrieval of Distributed Cultural Heritage Information
This paper discusses the Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI)'s international effort to provide distributed search and retrieval of cultural heritage information. A primary aspect of CIMI's work utilizes ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995, and American National Standard protocol for information retrieval. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently approved Z39.50 as ISO 23950. CIMI chose Z39.50 to enable uniform access to existing and emerging digital collections and the vast repositories of cultural heritage information resources. These resources include a variety of physical and digital objects--physical artifacts and digital derivatives of those artifacts, descriptive records designed for collection management, bibliographic records, full-text documents, online tools such as thesauri and authoritative lists of artists' names, and more. CIMI's application Z39.50 in the networked cultural heritage information environment is breaking new ground in distributed and integrated access to textual and non-textual digital collections.
Classification of Attributes and Behavior in Risk Management Using Bayesian Networks
This paper discusses issues in security.