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 Department: Mechanical and Energy Engineering
 Collection: UNT Scholarly Works
Multifunctional Micropipette Biological Sensor
Patent relating to a multifunctional micropipette biological sensor.
Electrowetting Solar Cell
This paper discusses the electrowetting solar cell. In comparison with traditional silicon-based PV solar cells, the electrowetting-based self-tracking technology will generate ~70% more green energy with a 50% cost reduction.
The Process of Harvesting Lightning as Electrical Energy
This poster discusses research on the process of harvesting lightning as electrical energy.
Transitioning Coal-fired Power Plants into Combined Solar and Wind Energy Power Plants
This poster discusses research on transitioning coal-fired power plants into combined solar and wind energy power plants. Using a combination of solar power during the day and wind energy at night, the author is attempting to eliminate coal from society's energy equation by transforming coal-fired power plants into renewable energy based power plants.
Study of Thermal Properties of Irradiation-induced Stainless Steels Used in the Development of Nuclear Reactors
This poster discusses a research study of thermal properties of irradiation-induced stainless steels used in the development of nuclear reactors. The purpose of this research is to further investigate the conduction of stainless steels at the grain level when subjected to intense radiation and high temperatures for efficient heat exchanger design and prediction of material failure.
Templated Growth of Hexagonal Nickel Carbide Nanocrystals on Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Article discussing the templated growth of hexagonal nickel carbon nanocrystals on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes.
Critical Success Factors in Business Research and Development Practices
Poster presented at the 2008 University Scholars Day at UNT. This poster discusses research on critical success factors in business research and development practices.
AC 2007-1844: An Innovative Mechanical and Energy Engineering Curriculum
This paper discusses the addition of a new Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas (UNT). Those involved see the curriculum for this new program as a new model of engineering education that parallels the innovations of UNTs current Learning to Learn (L2L) project-oriented concept course with the addition of innovative approaches for mechanical engineering and emphasis on energy engineering education.