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Adaptación de un modelo de claros para el estudio de la dinámica de un bosque estacional en los llanos occidentales de Venezuela
Article discussing the adaptation of a gap model to the study of the dynamics of a seasonal forest in the western plains of Venezuela.
Agent-based Distance Vector Routing: A Resource Efficient and Scalable approach to Routing in Large Communication Networks
Article discussing a resource efficient and scalable approach to routing in large communication networks.
Architecture Support for 3D Obfuscation
Article discussing research on architecture support for 3D obfuscation.
Assessing potential impacts of CO2 - and deforestation - induced climate change on maize and black bean in Venezuela
Article on assessing potential impacts of CO2 and deforestation induced climate change on maize and black bean in Venezuela.
Classifying genes to the correct Gene Ontology Slim term in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using neighbouring genes with classification learning
Article discussing research on classifying genes to the correct gene ontology slim term in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using neighbouring genes with classification learning.
Crecimiento diamétrico de especies arbóreas en un bosque estacional de los Llanos occidentales de Venezuela
Article discussing the diametric tree growth in functional groups species in a seasonal forest of the Venezuelan western plains.
Document Indexing using Named Entities
This article discusses document indexing using named entities.
Dynamic intimate contact social networks and epidemic interventions
This article discusses dynamic intimate contact social networks and epidemic interventions.
The Effect of an Enhanced Channel Assignment Algorithm on an IEEE 802.11 WLAN
This article discusses the effect of an enhanced channel assignment algorithm on an IEEE 802.11 WLAN.
Effects of Interference on Capacity in Multi-Cell CDMA Networks
This article discusses the effects of interference on capacity in multi-cell CDMA networks.
Evaluation Results of an E and ET Education Forum
This article discusses evaluation results of an Engineering (E) and Engineering Technology (ET) education forum at the University of Houston. A central focus to these discussions revolved around whether Engineering and Engineering Technology exist as separate fields or whether there was value in thinking about them as part of a continuum.
Glycosylation site prediction using ensembles of Support Vector Machine classifiers
Article discussing the performance of different computational methods for prediction of glycosylation sites from amino acid sequences.
Heterogeneidad estructural y lumínica del sotobosque de una selva nublada andina de Venezuela
Article discussing the understory of an Andean cloud forest in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Venezuela.
Improving the search on the Internet by using WordNet and lexical operators
This article discusses improving the search on the internet by using WordNet and lexical operators.
An Innovative Project and Design Oriented Electrical Engineering Curriculum at the University of North Texas
Article discussing an innovative project and design oriented electrical engineering curriculum at the University of North Texas.
Interdisciplinary progress in food production, food security and environment research
Article discussing interdisciplinary progress in food production, food security and environment research.
Leaf Spectra and Weight of Species in Canopy, Subcanopy, and Understory Layers in a Venezuelan Andean Cloud Forest
Article discussing leaf spectra and the weight of species in canopy, subcanopy, and understory layers in a Venezuelan Andean cloud forest.
Mixture of experts models to exploit global sequence similarity on biomolecular sequence labeling
Article discussing models for increasing the reliability of computational methods for identifying functionally important sites from biomolecular sequences.
Mobility-Based CAC Algorithm for Arbitrary Call-Arrival Rates in CDMA Cellular Systems
Article on a mobility-based CAC algorithm for arbitrary call-arrival rates in CDMA cellular systems.
Modelos de interacción humano-ambiental: el enfoque de la Biocomplejidad
Article discussing models of human-nature interactions and a biocomplexity approach.
Motivating and Retaining CS2 Students with a Competative Game Programming Project
This article discusses motivating and retaining computer science students with a competitive game programming project.
Multicell CDMA Network Design
This article discusses multicell CDMA network design.
A Network Control Theory Approach to Modeling and Optimal Control of Zoonoses: Case Study of Brucellosis Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa
Article on a network control theory approach to modeling and optimal control of zoonoses and a case study of brucellosis transmission in sub-Saharan Africa.
Networks and Natural Language Processing
Article discussing networks and natural language processing. The authors present some of the most successful graph-based representations and algorithms used in language processing and try to explain how and why they work.
A Non-Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm for Soft Real-Time Systems
This article discusses a non-preemptive scheduling algorithm for soft real-time systems.
Nonuniform Grid-Based Coordinated Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
This article discusses nonuniform grid-based coordinated routing in wireless sensor networks.
A Novel Space Partitioning Algorithm to Improve Current Practices in Facility Placement
This article discusses a novel space partitioning algorithm to improve current practices in facility placement.
On B.S.E and B.S.ET for the Engineering Profession
Article discussing biological systems engineering (B.S.E.) and a proposed model for baccalaureate programs for engineering education.
Open Mind Word Expert: Creating Large Data Collections with Web Users' Help
This article discusses Open Mind Word Expert (OMWE), a system that aims to tap people's ability to disambiguate words and to give computers the benefit of people's knowledge.
Parallel Texts
Article discussing parallel texts and natural language processing.
Propuesta metodológica para el control de calidad de datos de precipitación
Article discussing a methodological proposal for the quality control of precipitation data.
Protein-RNA interface residue prediction using machine learning: an assessment of the state of the art
Article presenting a review, comparison, and critical assessment of published approaches for predicting RNA-binding residues in proteins using non-redundant databases.
Protein Sequence Classification Using Feature Hashing
Article on protein sequence classification using feature hashing.
Protein sequence classification using feature hashing
Article discussing protein sequence classification using feature hashing.
Relaciones alométricas y patrones de crecimiento para especies de árboles de la reserva forestal Imataca, Venezuela
Article discussing allometric relations and growth patterns for tree species in the Imataca Forest Reserve, Venezuela.
Semi-supervised prediction of protein subcellular localization using abstraction augmented Markov models
Article discussing the semi-supervised prediction of protein subcellular localization using abstraction augmented Markov models.
Simulación de la Dinámica de Grupos de Especies Vegetales en un Bosque de los Llanos Occidentales Venezolanos
Article discussing the simulation of plant species groups dynamics in a Venezuelan western plains forest.
Simulación de la dinámica de un bosque tropical en los Llanos occidentales de Venezuela
Article discussing the simulation of the dynamics of a tropical forest in the Western Llanos of Venezuela.
Specialized Research Datasets in the CiteSeer˟ Digital Library
This article provides an overview of some of the specialized datasets that were created for various projects related to the CiteSeer˟ digital library.
Strategies for Retention and Recruitment of Women and Minorities in Computer Science and Engineering
Article discussing strategies for the retention and recruitment of women and minorities in computer science and engineering.
Struct-NB: Predicting Protein-RNA Binding Sites Using Structural Features
Article discussing predicting protein-RNA binding sites using structural features.
Technologies That Make You Smile: Adding Humor to Text-Based Applications
Article discussing technologies that make people smile and adding humor to text-based applications.
Temperature-dependent structural heterogeneity in calcium silicate liquids
This article discusses temperature-dependent structural heterogeneity in calcium silicate liquids.
Text and Structural Data Mining of Influenza Mentions in Web and Social Media
This article discusses text and structural data mining of influenza mentions in web and social media.
Toward Communicating Simple Sentences Using Pictorial Representations
This article discusses communicating simple sentences using pictorial representations.
UMTS Capacity and Throughput Maximization for Different Spreading Factors
This article discusses UMTS capacity and throughput maximization for different spreading factors.
User-Based Channel Assignment Algorithm in a Load-Balanced IEEE 802.11 WLAN
This article discusses a user-based channel assignment algorithm in a load-balanced IEEE 802.11 WLAN.
Virtualization Based Secure Execution And Testing Framework
Article discussing the use of a virtualization software to build a Virtualization Based Secure Execution and Testing Framework for testing hardware secure architectures.
Word Sense Disambiguation with Pattern Learning and Automatic Feature Selection
Article discussing word sense disambiguation with pattern learning and automatic feature selection.