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Bacterial Communities of the Coronal Sulcus and Distal Urethra of Adolescent Males
Article on bacterial communities of the coronal sulcus and distal urethra of adolescent males.
Philosophy Matters - Examining the Value of Knowledge
This paper discusses the University of North Texas' (UNT) Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (CSID), where philosophers continue to examine the value of knowledge. The authors also discuss one example of CSID's work with the Comparative Assessment of Peer Review (CAPR) project. CAPR is a four-year project (2008-2012) studying the changing nature of peer review processes across six U.S. and foreign public science agencies. CAPR is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation's (NSF) Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program.
Characterization of an Isoflavonoid-Specific Prenyltransferase from Lupinus albus
Article on the characterization of an isoflavonoid-specific prenyltransferase from Lupinus albus.
Geminivirus-Mediated Delivery of Florigen Promotes Determinate Growth in Aerial Organs and Uncouples Flowering from Photoperiod in Cotton
This article discusses geminivirus-mediated delivery of florigen. Florigen acts as a general growth hormone, advancing determinate growth. The findings extend our understanding of florigen as a general growth hormone and could benefit crop management techniques.
Genetic Manipulation of a "Vacuolar" H+ -PPase: From Salt Tolerance to Yield Enhancement under Phosphorus-Deficient Soils
Article on the genetic manipulation of a vacuolar H+ -PPase and salt tolerance to yield enhancement under phosphorous-deficient soils.
Multiple domains in MtENOD8 protein including the signal peptide target it to the symbiosome
Article presenting evidence from GFP fusion experiments that the MtENOD8 protein contains at least three symbiosome targeting domains, including its N-terminal signal peptide (SP).
From self-organized to extended criticality
Article discussing the criticality of transition processes in neurophysiology.
The 2012 Republican Primaries
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on the 2012 Presidential Primaries. In this presentation, the author gives the audience an overview of the structure of the primaries, and provides a recap of past primaries. The author also speaks about the money, momentum, and media attention in the primaries.
Mediated Primaries
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on the 2012 Presidential Primaries. In this presentation, the author uses his background in rhetoric and debate, as well as his interests in ideological criticism, and the politics of representation to comment on the candidates' rhetoric.
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the 2012 Presidential Primaries
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on the 2012 Presidential Primaries. In this presentation, the author discusses how members of different racial and ethnic backgrounds responded to the 2012 Republican primary candidates.
Methods of Forming Graphene/(Multilayer) Boron Nitride for Electronic Device Applications
Patent relating to methods of forming graphene/(multilayer) boron nitride for electronic device applications.
Brain-Targeted Proanthocyanidin Metabolites for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
Article on brain-targeted proanthocyanidin metabolites for Alzheimer's disease treatment.
Whole genome comparisons of Fragaria, Prunus and Malus reveal different modes of evolution between Rosaceous subfamilies
Article discussing whole genome comparisons of Fragaria, Prunus and Malus revealing different modes of evolution between Rosaceous subfamilies.
The Origin and Composition of Cucurbit "Phloem" Exudate
This article discusses the origin and composition of cucurbit phloem exudate.
Gender and globalization through film: A Wiki course
Poster presented as part of the 2012 University Forum on Teaching & Learning at UNT. This poster discusses a learning activity with a Wiki course on gender and globalization through film. The course aims to help students understand how existing gender inequalities are challenged and furthered by processes of international development and globalization.
History 4263: Palestinian History
Poster for the 2012 University Forum on Teaching & Learning. This poster discusses a project for a UNT history course, History 4263, on Palestinian history. In the course, students explore historical foundations and interpretations of modern Palestinian history.
Mock Trial on Stalin and Stalinism
This poster describes an experiential learning activity for the UNT course History 5040, Historiography of Stalinism. The goal is to apply critical reasoning to Stalin's politics in a courtroom environment.
Teaching French Verbal Aspect through Concept-Based Instruction
This poster describes a pilot study on teaching French verbal aspect through concept-based instruction. This poster outlines and describes the background and context of a verbal aspect, the tasks and assessments for the study, student learning outcomes, the theoretical framework, and the results of the study.
Using Calibrated Peer Review to Facilitate Writing Assignments in Large Classes
This poster discusses a project using Calibrated Peer Review (CPR). CPR is a web-based instructional tool. CPR assignments require students to write an essay, evaluated three 'canned' calibration essays on the same topic, evaluate three of their peers' essays, and finally evaluate their own essay. The authors' goal was to determine whether the CPR process improves student learning of the essay content and whether the CPR process improves student writing.
Coordination Chemistry of 4-Methyl-2,6,7-trioxa-1-phosphabicyclo[2,2,1]heptane: Preparation and Characterization of Ru(II) Complexes
Article discussing preparation and characterization of Ru(II) complexes.
Good Transformations: Ambiguity and the NSF's Experiment with 'Transformative' Research
This article discusses a recent workshop on Transformative Research held at the headquarters of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia.
Cooperation-induced topological complexity: a promising road to fault tolerance and Hebbian learning
This article discusses cooperation-induced topological complexity and the emergence of intelligence.
Problem Solving Interventions: An Opportunity for Hospice Social Workers to Better Meet Caregiver Needs
Article on an opportunity for hospice social workers to better meet caregiver needs and problem solving interventions.
Resistance to impact criteria can lead to a tightening of the accountability noose
Article discussing research on how the resistance to impact criteria can lead to a tightening of the accountability noose.
Interpolative multidimensional scaling techniques for the identification of clusters in very large sequence sets
This article discusses interpolative multidimensional scaling techniques for the identification of clusters in very large sequence sets.
Ursolic Acid Inhibits the Initiation, Progression of Prostate Cancer and Prolongs the Survival of TRAMP Mice by Modulating Pro-Inflammatory Pathways
Article on ursolic acid inhibiting the initiation, progression of prostate cancer and prolonging the survival of TRAMP mice by modulating pro-inflammatory pathways.
Multiple coexisting intercalation structures of sodium in epitaxial graphene-SiC interfaces
This article discusses multiple coexisting intercalation structures of sodium in peitaxial graphene-SiC interfaces.
Comment on "Measurement and Correlation of Solubilities of (Z)-2-(2-Aminothiazol-4-yl)-2-methoxyiminoacetic Acid in Different Pure Solvents and Binary Mixtures of Water + (Ethanol, Methanol, or Glycol)"
Article commenting on an article titled, "Measurement and correlation of solubilities of (Z)-2-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)-2-methoxyiminoacetic acid in different pure solvents and binary mixtures of water + (ethanol, methanol, or glycol)," published in March 2011.
Carbon Dioxide Migration Pathways in Proteins
Article discussing research on carbon dioxide migration pathways in proteins.
Integrating Ecology and Environmental Ethics: Earth Stewardship in the Southern End of the Americas
This article discusses integrating ecology and environmental ethics.
On-Off Switches for Secondary Cell Wall Biosynthesis
Article discussing on-off switches for secondary cell wall biosynthesis.
The Promise and Perils of Transformative Research
This report is on the workshop 'Transformative Research: Ethical and Societal Implications'. Workshop conversations cluster under the four headings of the history and definitions, promotion, evaluation, and integration of transformative research.
[Review] Les Lettres sur la sympathie (1798) de Sophie de Grouchy: philosophie morale et réforme sociale
This book review discusses 'Les Lettres sur la sympathie (1798) de Sophie de Grouchy: philosophie morale et réforme sociale,' edited by Marc André Bernier and Deidre Dawson and published in 2010.
Science: For Science's or Society's Sake? Owning the National Science Foundation's Broader Impacts Criterion
Article describing changes in the U.S. National Science Foundation's (NSF) merit review criteria. The authors argue that scientists are more likely to preserve their autonomy by embracing - or 'owning' - the new Broader Impacts Criterion rather than resisting it.
Cardiac and metabolic physiology of early larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) reflects parental swimming stamina
Article discussing research on cardiac and metabolic physiology of early larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) reflecting parental swimming stamina.
Electric Field Induced Phase Transitions in Polymers: A Novel Mechanism for High Speed Energy Storage
This article discusses electric field induced phase transitions in polymers.
CO₂ Reduction on Transition Metal (Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) Surfaces: In Comparison with Homogeneous Catalysis
Article discussing research on CO₂ reduction on transition metal (Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) surfaces and a comparison with homogeneous catalysis.
Symmetry-induced intermittency in a stochastic reflexive model
Article on symmetry-induced intermittency in a stochastic reflexive model.
Prediction of Partition Coeffecients and Permeability of Drug Molecules in Biological Systems with Abraham Model Solute Descriptors Derived from Measured Solubilities and Water-to-Organic Solvent Partition Coefficients
Book chapter on the prediction of partition coefficients and permeability of drug molecules in biological systems with Abraham model solute descriptors derived from measured solubilities and water-to-organic solvent partition coefficients.
Prediction of Toxicity, Sensory Responses and Biological Responses with the Abraham Model
This book chapter discusses the prediction of toxicity, sensory responses and biological responses with the Abraham model.
Activation of water on the TiO2 (110) surface: The case of Ti adatoms
Article on the activation of water on the TiO2 (110) surface.
Not in My Back Yard!
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Gas Well Drilling Redux. This presentation discusses the 'not in my back yard' (NIMBY) attitude - opposition by residents to a proposal for new development that is close to their homes - and focus on whether is it principled or hypocritical to simultaneously oppose the development while benefiting economically from it.
A Systematic Review of the Evidence Base for Telehospice
Article on a systematic review of the evidence base for telehospice.
Legătura dintre sumele Stieltjes şi sumele simetrice elementare
Article discussing studies of the relationship between the Stieltjes sums and the elementary symmetric sums.
No Longer Collecting Dust: How ETD & Open Access Will Revolutionize the Academy
This is the presentation for the closing remarks at the Texas Electronic Theses and Dissertations (TxETD) Annual Conference. It discusses how ETDs and open access will revolutionize the academy.
Response to: Use of prior odds for missing persons identifications - author's reply
This article is in response to an authors' reply to 'Use of prior odds for missing persons identifications.' This response is to the reply by Alex Biedermann, Franco Taroni, and Pierre Margot.
Spatial Mapping of Lipids at Cellular Resolution in Embryos of Cotton
Article on the spatial mapping of lipids at cellular resolution in embryos of cotton.
Unexpected Structures for Intercalation of Sodium in Epitaxial Graphene-SiC Interfaces
In this paper, the authors show using scanning tunneling microscopy, spectroscopy, and ab initio calculations that several intercalation structures exist for Na in epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001). Intercalation takes place at room temperature and Na electron-dopes the graphene. It intercalates in-between single-layer graphene and the carbon-rich interfacial layer. It also penetrates beneath the interfacial layer and decouples it to form a second graphene layer. This decoupling is accelerated by annealing and is verified by direct Na deposition onto the interface layer. The authors' observations show that intercalation in graphene is fundamentally different than in graphite and is a versatile means of electronic control.
Evidence of Uncultivated Bacteria in the Adult Female Bladder
Article on evidence of uncultivated bacteria in the adult female bladder.
Method of Enhancing Quality Factors in Cotton
Patent relating to a method of enhancing quality factors in cotton.