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Briefing the Case: Constitution Day Outreach to Campus and Community
Article discussing Constitution Day outreach to campuses and communities.
Broadening the Scope of an Institutional Repository: The Patent Project
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This presentation a project to include patents into the University of North Texas (UNT) Scholarly Works institutional repository.
Brown bag on iConference - 2013
This presentation was created for a brown bag luncheon about the 2013 iConference. It includes discussion on participants, the venues, programs, the role of the UNT Libraries, and reflections on the event.
Budget Status of the UNT Libraries 2014: Library Town Hall Meeting on the Library Budget Shortfall
Presentation for the September 2014 Library Town Hall Meeting. This meeting discusses University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries budget status and shortfalls.
Building a Better Librarian: Why Your Work As A Librarian Begins LONG Before Your Graduate Program
This articles discusses why ones work as a librarian begins long before their graduate program.
Building an Online Academic Profile
Presentation for the Toulouse Graduate School spring workshop series. This presentation discusses building an online academic profile.
Building Digital Archives
This presentation is about the steps followed in the development of the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Library infrastructure, the lessons learned along the way, and the opportunities that are available today.
Building Institutional Capacity in Digital Preservation
Paper for the IPRES Annual Conference on building institutional capacity in digital preservation.
Building Search Systems for Digital Library Collections
This presentation describes the infrastructure and collection in the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Digital initiatives. This discusses issues related to searching and explains possible solutions to best enhance metadata and searching capabilities.
Cataloging Services Survey
Survey instrument administered by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries Cataloging and Metadata Services Department from October 27 through November 17, 2014. The purpose of this research study is to assess how Public Service employees rate the importance of Cataloging and Metadata Services activities, and how satisfied Public Service employees are with Cataloging and Metadata Services activities.
Cataloging that Works: How to Make E-books Findable
Presentation for the 2014 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference as part of the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group sponsored program. This presentation discusses a study on the discoverability of ebooks in library catalogs.
Cataloguing in 2012: On The Cusp Of RDA
This article discusses changes in music cataloguing systems.
The Challenge of Multimedia Networking
Article reviewing texts that examine both the promise and peril of developing networked multimedia systems.
The Challenge of Open Access and the Humanities
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference, as part of the 'Emerging Opportunities in Open Access' interactive panel session. This presentation discusses the challenges of open access and the humanities.
Challenges in Web Archiving UNT Perspective
This presentation discusses making Web archives more usable for libraries, building digital library collections from Web content, and understanding how Web archives should fit into traditional library metrics.
Chronicles in Preservation: Building Institutional Capacity in Digital Preservation
Poster presented at the 2013 iPres Conference. The poster discusses the Chronicles in Preservation project, which evaluates how to improve the preservation readiness of digitized and born-digital newspapers on a spectrum of essential to optimal levels of conformance to digital preservation standards.
Chronicles in Preservation: Curation Practices for Born-Digital and Digitized Newspaper Collections
This presentation discusses the Chronicles in Preservation project. This project aims to study, document, and model the use of data preparation practices and distributed digital preservation frameworks to collaboratively preserve digitized and born-digital newspaper collections. This presentation gives the background of the Chronicles in Preservation project, the State of the Field report, and early findings.
Chronicles in Preservation Project
Paper for the 2012 International iConference. This paper discusses the chronicles in preservation project.
The "Chronicles in Preservation" Project and Born-digital Activities at University of North Texas
Presentation for the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) Global Resources Roundtable. This presentation discusses the Chronicles in Preservation Project and born-digital activities at the University of North Texas (UNT).
Chronopolis and MetaArchive: Preservation Cooperation
This paper will examine ongoing work between two major preservation systems, the Chronopolis Digital Preservation Program, and the MetaArchive Cooperative.
Chronopolis, University of North Texas, MetaArchive: Preservation Cooperation
This presentation discusses how preservation systems can share objects and specifically a collaboration between Chronopolis, MetaArchive, and the University of North Texas (UNT).
Circulation Myth Busters!
This presentation discusses circulation in the libraries and what the policies, processes, services, and resources are for the UNT Libraries circulation department.
Citing UNT: Scholarly Works that have Utilized UNT Resources
This document is a citation list of the scholarly works that were found to have utilized University of North Texas (UNT) resources.
Classification Of The End-Of-Term Archive: Extending Collection Development Practices To Web Archives
This is the final report for the EOTCD project, which is formally titled 'Classification of the End-of-Term Archive: Extending Collection Development Practices to Web Archives.' The project commenced December 1, 2009 and ended November 30, 2012. The overview includes background information about the End of Term (EOT) 2008 Archive and a brief description of the activities conducted in the project's four work areas. Following the Overview there are three sections: Goals Accomplished; Significant Findings and Accomplishments; and Project Achievements.
Classification of the End-of-Term Archive: Extending Collection Development Practices to Web Archives
This presentation is a brief outline of the End-of-Term archiving project done as a collaboration between the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, the University of North Texas Libraries, and the California Digital Library.
Classifying the End-of-Term Archive
This paper discusses the Classification of the End-of-Term Archive project.
Classifying the End of Term Web Archive [Poster]
Poster presented at the 2012 IS&T Archiving Conference. This poster discusses a research project on classifying the End-of-Term Archive. This Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded research project investigates whether link analysis and cluster analysis were effective techniques for classifying the materials in the End-of-Term archive to improve discovery.
Cleaning up Messy Data with Open Refine
This Tech Talk presentation discusses the open source software OpenRefine and strategies for cleaning up messy data.
[Client Survey Summary: Portal to Texas History Interface Redesign]
Document summarizing surveys conducted for the IOGENE project. It relates to information about the user interface of The Portal to Texas History.
Collaborating in Tough Times: Responding to State Cuts
This presentation was for a panel session with librarians from school, public, academic, and the North Texas Library Partners (NTLP) at the Texas Library Association (TLA) annual conference. In this presentation, the authors discuss collaboration strategies during difficult financial periods and funding cuts.
Collaborating with Your Local Public Library
This book chapter discusses collaborating with local public libraries.
Collaboration in Practice: Megadata Happens
This presentation discusses The Portal to Texas History and how collaborations with other organizations has helped add to the collection. In this presentation, the author illustrates examples from The Portal to Texas History with information about metadata management, quality issues, and the automated systems in place by the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.
Collaborations, Best Practices, and Collection Development: Born-Digital and Digitized Materials [Presentation]
This presentation discusses the phases of web collection development, challenges with web archives, and the need and benefit for preserving web materials.
Collaborations, Best Practices, and Collection Development for Born-Digital and Digitized Materials
This paper discusses collaborations, best practices, and collection development for the preservation of born-digital and digitized materials.
Collaborative Approach to Address Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation Challenges
Presentation for the Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Scholarly Communications and Digital Curation (SCDC) Affinity Group 2013 Summer Meeting. In this presentation, the authors discuss collaborative approaches to address scholarly communications and digital curation challenges.
Collaborative Digital Repository Opportunities
This presentation discusses collaborative digital repository opportunities. The presentation offers questions and considerations as well as managing digital collections.
Collaborative Strategies for Digital Preservation of Newspapers
This presentation discusses collaborative strategies for the digital preservation of newspapers. The University of North Texas (UNT) Texas Digital Newspaper Program (TDNP), the MetaArchive Cooperative, and the Chronicles in Preservation Project are discussed with information on what they do, the importance of newspaper digitization projects, and how collaboration can further efforts in this area.
Collecting and Disseminating New Music: Originally Presented as "The Impact of Women in Music, New Composers Forum"
Paper contributed to the 2002 Bar Harbor Music Festival. This paper discusses collecting and disseminating new music and the impact of women in music.
Collection Development and Management Issues
This presentation discusses collection development and management issues. It describes considerations to keep in mind, suggestions and strategies, and ideas for successful digitization projects.
Collection Development for an Environmental Science Digital Library
This presentation discusses the University of North Texas Libraries' strategies for creating digital collections and services from datasets and born digital objects and serving users outside of formal education and research.
Collection Plan for the CyberCemetery
This report discusses the collection plan for the CyberCemetery, part of the Web-at-Risk project. The topics include the mission and scope, the selection, acquisition, descriptive metadata, presentation and access, maintenance and weeding, and preservation.
Collection Plan Guidelines for Project Curators
This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. These policy and planning documents typically guide collection management within libraries and archives. Some familiar concepts and practices from collection development for non-digital materials easily transfer to collection development for web-based materials while some new concepts and unfamiliar practices are introduced. To effectively manage web collections, it is good practice to either create new policies and plans or modify existing collection policies and plans.
Collection Planning Guidelines
This report is part of the Web-at-Risk project. The Web-at-Risk project is developing a Web Archiving Service (WAS) that will enable the project's partner institutions to act as archive agencies that will assist the project's curators in building and managing archived collections of web-published materials.
Collections Shifting Methodology Report for the UNT Libraries
Report for the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries on collection shifting methodology.
Combined Library Services Desk: Round Table Discussion
Presentation for a round table discussion at the 2013 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Conference. This presentation discusses combining library service desks.
Combined Services Desk Report
Report for the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries on the combined services desk.
Combining Circulation and Reference Desks into a Single Service Point
Presentation for the 2014 Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Annual Conference. This presentation discusses a project of combining circulation and reference desks into a single service point at the University of North Texas (UNT) Libraries.
Command-Line Image Manipulation with ImageMagick
Presentation slides from a workshop at the 2013 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL). These workshop slides introduce command-line image manipulation to its participants using the open source software ImageMagick.
Command-line Tools for Digital Preservation
Presentation for a 2011 command-line workshop at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. This presentation discusses command-line tools for digital curation and preservation.
Community-Driven Approaches to Digital Preservation
This presentation discusses community-driven approaches to digital preservation. The authors state the importance of collaboration and who is collaborating and how. In addition, information on some core principles of collaborative preservation and what these look like in practice.