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N-Acylethanolamine Signaling in Tobacco is Mediated by a Membrane-Associated, High-Affinity Binding Protein
Article on N-acylethanolamine signaling in tobacco and how it is mediated by a membrane-associated, high-affinity binding protein.
N-Acylethanolamines are Metabolized by Lipoxygenase and Amidohydrolase in Competing Pathways during Cottonseed Imbibition
Article on N-acylethanolamines metabolizing by lipoxygenase and amidohydrolase in competing pathways during cottonseed inbibition.
N-Acylethanolamines: Formation and Molecular Composition of a New Class of Plant Lipids
Article on N-acylethanolamines and the formation and molecular composition of a new class of plant lipids.
N-Acylethanolamines in Seeds. Quantification of Molecular Species and their Degradation upon Imbibition
Article on N-acylethanolamines in seeds and the quantification of molecular species and their degradation upon imbibition.
N-Acylethanolamines in Signal Transduction of Elicitor Perception. Attenuation of Alkalinization Response and Activation of Defense Gene Expression
Article on N-acylethanolamines in signal transduction of elicitor perception and the attenuation of alkalinization response and activation of defense gene expression.
N-Acylphosphatidylethanolamine in Dry and Imbibing Cottonseeds. Amounts, Molecular Species, and Enzymatic Synthesis
Article on N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine in dry and imbibing cottonseeds.
Ad-dimers on Strained Carbon Nanotubes: A New Route for Quantum Dot Formation?
Article on ad-dimers on strained carbon nano-tubes.
The AGC Kinase MtIRE: A Link to Phospholipid Signaling During Nodulation?
This article discusses the AGC Kinase gene MtIRE.
Agent-based Distance Vector Routing: A Resource Efficient and Scalable approach to Routing in Large Communication Networks
Article discussing a resource efficient and scalable approach to routing in large communication networks.
Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives
This article discusses aging rejuvenation with fractional derivatives.
Aging in financial market
Article discussing aging in the financial market.
American Society for Indexing Conferences: An Analysis of Major Topics, 1997-2011
Article offering an analysis of major topics at the American Society for Indexing Conferences from 1997 through 2011.
Amish Teacher Dialogues with Teacher Educators: Research, Culture, and Voices of Critique
This article discusses a collaborative project to examine literature and research on the Amish culture. Abstract: This dialogical project is framed within critical inquiry methods to bring an Amish teacher's voice to the forefront. Henry, an Amish middle school teacher, and two university teacher educators in northeastern Indiana collaboratively critiqued educational literature written about the Amish culture from the past 15 years. Building on critical ethnography and narrative methods, the authors used dialogue as a medium for inquiry. The intersubjective, collaborative project democratized the university researchers' research role and allowed an Amish voice to gain a place in the academic field of research.
Amygdala involvement in human avoidance, escape and approach behavior
This article discusses amygdala involvement in human avoidance, escape and approach behavior. The authors examined amygdala reactivity to threatening cues when avoidance responding consistently prevented contact with an upcoming aversive event (money loss).
Analysis of immobilized artificial membrane retention factors for both neutral and ionic species
This article discusses the analysis of immobilized artificial membrane retention factors for both neutral and ionic species.
Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction
This article describes an analysis of management and employee job satisfaction. Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions of job satisfaction as defined by both nonmanagement and management employees. This study suggests that little difference exists in the perceptions of job satisfaction importance between management and nonmanagement employees.
Analytical solutions for a two-level system driven by a class of chirped pulses
Article on analytical solutions for a two-level system driven by a class of chirped pulses.
L- and M-shell x-ray production cross sections of Nd, Gd, Ho, Yb, Au, and Pb by 25-MeV carbon and 32-MeV oxygen ions
This article discusses research on L- and M-shell x-ray production cross sections. For this research, L- and M-shell x-ray production cross sections have been measured for thin solid targets of neodymium, gadolinium, holmium, ytterbium, gold and lead by 25-MeV ₆¹²C(q)+ (q=4,5,6) and by 32-MeV ₈¹⁶O(q)+ (q=5,7,8).
Annual Variation of Abundance and Composition in Forest Bird Assemblages on Navarino Island, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile
This article discusses the annual variation of abundance and composition in forest bird assemblages on Navarino Island, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile.
Anomalous diffusion and ballistic peaks: A quantum perspective
This article discusses anomalous diffusion and ballistic peaks.
Anomalous diffusion and environment-induced quantum decoherence
This article discusses anomalous diffusion and environment-induced quantum decoherence.
Anomalous diffusion associated with nonlinear fractional derivative Fokker-Planck-like equation: Exact time-dependent solutions
This article discusses anomalous diffusion associated with nonlinear fractional derivative Fokker-Planck-like equation.
The Application Of An Ergonomically Modified Keyboard To Reduce Piano-Related Pain
This article discusses the application of an ergonomically modified keyboard to reduce piano-related pain.
Application of the Correlation Consistent Composite Approach (ccCA) to Third-Row (Ga-Kr) Molecules
This article discusses the application of the correlation consistent composite approach (ccCA) to third-row (Ga-Kr) molecules. The authors applied the ccCA to the G3/05 training set of 51 energetic properties for the atoms and molecules that contain the 4p elements, Ga-Kr.
Applying Technology to Online Counseling: Suggestions for the Beginning E-Therapist
This article discusses e-therapy. Abstract: This article briefly outlines online counseling for readers who may be interested in delivering therapy via the internet. The article should very much be understood to be a beginner's primer based upon research literature and the personal recommendations of the authors. Readers will also benefit from several online resources for counselors mentioned throughout the article.
Architecture Support for 3D Obfuscation
This article discusses architecture support for 3D obfuscation.
Archiving Web-Published Materials: A Needs Assessment of Librarians, Researchers, and Content Providers
This article discusses archiving web-published materials.
Are Net Discount Rates Stationary?: Some Further Evidence
This article discusses net discount rates.
Are Net Discount Ratios Stationary?: The Implications For Present Value Calculations
This article analyzes the relationship between real interest rates and real growth rates in wages.
Aromatic C-H Activation and Catalytic Hydrophenylation of Ethylene by TpRu{P(OCH2)3CEt} (NCMe)Ph
This article discusses aromatic C-H activation and catalytic hydrophenylation of ethylene by TpRu{P(OCH2)3CEt} (NCMe)Ph.
Artificial Intelligence, Libraries, and Information Retrieval
This article discusses artificial intelligence, libraries, and information retrieval.
Arylpalladium Phosphonate Complexes as Reactive Intermediates in Phosphorus-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions
This article discusses arylpalladium phosphonate complexes as reactive intermediates in phosphorus-carbon bond forming reactions.
ASI conference presentations: a content analysis of major topics, 1997-2012
Article on the American Society for Indexing (ASI) conference presentations. This article identifies major topics discussed at ASI conferences from 1997 through 2012 and explores how topics have changed over time.
ASPARTATE 458 of Human Glutathione Synthetase is Important for Cooperativity and Active Site Structure
Article discussing ASPARTATE 458 of human glutathione synthetase.
Assessing Caregiver for Team Interventions (ACT): A New Paradigm for Comprehensive Hospice Quality Care
Article on a new paradigm for comprehensive hospice quality care and Assessing Caregivers for Team Interventions (ACT).
Asupra structurii grupurilor abeliene finite
In this article, the author presents a direct elementary proof to a classical result regarding the structure of finite abelian groups as products of descending cyclic groups.
Asupra sumelor de puteri asemenea
This article addresses, from a historical perspective, Newton's sums of like powers of natural numbers.
Asupra unei probleme de loc geometric a lui A. Dafina
This paper generalizes a certain geometric locus problem due to A. Dafina.
Atomic resolution ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy of epitaxial diamond (100) films
In this article, the authors report atomic resolution images of chemical vapor deposition grown epitaxial diamond (100) films obtained in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) with a scanning tunneling microscope.
Atomic structure of steps and defects on the clean diamond (100)-2 X 1 surface studied using ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy
In this article, the authors report ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy studies of the clean nonhydrogen-terminated diamond (100)-2 X 1 surface showing single- and double-layer steps that are rebonded. The main defects observed are single, multiple, and row dimer vacancies, and antiphase boundaries. Buckling of dimers is not observed, consistent with symmetric dimers.
Attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture
This article discusses the attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture.
Auditory Brainstem Responses in Golden Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) Affected with the Wh Gene
Article on auditory brainstem responses in golden Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) affected with the Wh gene.
The Autecology of the Fío-Fío (Elaenia Albiceps Lafresnaye and D'Orbigny) in Subantarctic Forests of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile
This article discusses the autecology of the fío-fío.
Autobiographical Memories for Very Negative Events: The Effects of Thinking about and Rating Memories
Article on autobiographical memories for very negative events and the effects of thinking about and rating memories.
Bacterial Communities of the Coronal Sulcus and Distal Urethra of Adolescent Males
Article on bacterial communities of the coronal sulcus and distal urethra of adolescent males.
Bacterial Community Profiling of Milk Samples as a Means to Understand Culture-Negative Bovine Clinical Mastitis
Article discussing a study that was conducted to understand the basis of a bacterial infection that is common among dairy cows.
Bacterial Cyanide Oxygenase Is a Suite of Enzymes Catalyzing the Scavenging and Adventitious Utilization of Cyanide as a Nitrogenous Growth Substrate
Article on bacterial cyanide oxygenase as a suite of enzymes catalyzing the scavenging and adventitious utilization of cyanide as a nitrogenous growth substrate.
Band Engineering and Magnetic Doping of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC (0001)
Article on band engineering and magnetic doping of epitaxial graphene on SiC (0001).
Band Structure and Quantum Conductance of Nanostructures from Maximally Localized Wannier Functions: The Case of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
Article on band structure and quantum conductance of nanostructures from maximally localized Wannier functions.
Barriers to Pain Management: Caregiver Perceptions and Pain Talk by Hospice Interdisciplinary Teams
Article on caregiver perceptions, pain talk by hospice interdisciplinary teams, and barriers to pain management.