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D-day in History and Memory: the Normandy Landings in International Remembrance and Commemoration

D-day in History and Memory: the Normandy Landings in International Remembrance and Commemoration

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Date: April 2014
Creator: Dolski, Michael R.; Edwards, Sam & Buckley, John
Description: Over the past sixty-five years, the Allied invasion of Northwestern France in June 1944, known as D-Day, has come to stand as something more than a major battle. The assault itself formed a vital component of Allied victory in the Second World War. D-Day developed into a sign and symbol; as a word it carries with it a series of ideas and associations that have come to symbolize different things to different people and nations. As such, the commemorative activities linked to the battle offer a window for viewing the various belligerents in their postwar years. This book examines the commonalities and differences in national collective memories of D-Day. Chapters cover the main forces on the day of battle, including the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France and Germany. In addition, a chapter on Russian memory of the invasion explores other views of the battle. The overall thrust of the book shows that memories of the past vary over time, link to present-day needs, and also still have a clear national and cultural specificity. These memories arise in a multitude of locations such as film, books, monuments, anniversary celebrations, and news media representations.
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Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Date: unknown
Creator: Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877
Description: Biography of Marie Antoinette, starting with the death of Charles VI, emperor of Austria, in 1770. It includes a description of her childhood, her life as queen, and her trial and execution. Each chapter heading includes a short summary of events.
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The War with Germany: A Statistical Summary

The War with Germany: A Statistical Summary

Date: 1919
Creator: Ayres, Leonard Porter, 1879-1946
Description: Book containing statistical figures regarding the United States of America's conflict with Germany during World War I, including statistics for casualties, expenditures, and ordnance. Index starts on page 151.
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