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Stimulus Values of the Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test Designs
The purpose of this study is to investigate differences in the stimulus value of the Bender Gestalt designs. It is concerned with both differences in structural values and affective values of the nine figures. The investigation is primarily concerned with the reliability of such differences, and secondarily with the general nature of the differences in stimulus value.
Psychological Sex and Sociometric Nomination
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of the psychological sex role of a person making sociometric nominations to the psychological sex role of such persons nominated. It was hypothesized that similar psychological and biological sexed persons would choose each other as friends and that similar psychological but opposite biological sexed persons would reject each other as non-friends.
Signs of Paranoid Schizophrenic Behavior on the Bender-Gestalt Test
The problem of this study was to isolate a constellation of "signs" or items of behavior of individuals on the Bender-Gestalt test and to determine if these signs will discriminate significantly between one patient category, paranoid schizophrenia, and three other major diagnostic categories.
A Study to Determine to What Extent the Students and Recent Alumni of Robstown High School Think the School is Meeting the Imperative Needs of Youth
The problem set forth is a study to determine to what extent the students and recent alumni of Robstown High School think the school is meeting the imperative needs of youth.
The Determination of the Relationship between Reading Skills and Personality Development
The purpose of the study is to show that personality adjustments and reading skills have a decided connection in the development of the individual, for with enunciation, pronunciation, and oral interpretation of the printed page come greater confidence, self-expression, and poise.
Evaluating Textual Material for Developmental Tasks
The problem of this study is to demonstrate a method of evaluating situations in textual materials that may assist pre-adolescent children in achieving certain developmental tasks. The problem involves the analysis of fifty stories taken from five state-adopted readers on the sixth-grade level, as well as the development of criteria for making such an analysis.
An Evaluation of the Aims, Methods, and Accomplishments of Certain Teacher Organizations
The purpose of this study is (1) to determine the fundamental differences in the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association and (2) to evaluate these organizations in terms of criteria basic to the organization of any group. It is hoped that a microscopic analysis and evaluation of these two teacher organizations, representing both union and non-union groups, will cast some beneficial light upon weaknesses and strong points of both groups and result in recommendations which will be of benefit in the work of individual teachers as well as to the organizations.
A Comparative Study of the Arithmetical Achievement Made by Boys and Girls of the Seventh Grade of Ozona Junior High School, Ozona Texas
The primary purpose of the study was to determine, scientifically, if there is any significant difference between the ability of boys in the seventh grade and the ability of girls in the same grade to retain arithmetical ideas, facts, and processes. A second purpose was to investigate the causes of differences that were found to exist.
A Comparison of the Differences in the Response of Identical Twins to Rorschach's Test
The purpose of this study was to determine, by use of the Rorschach, any differences in the personality structures of two groups of identical twin subjects.
A Comparative Study of Anxiety between Science and Art Majors
The purpose of this study is to determine the levels of anxiety in college freshmen and seniors from the Departments of Science and Art at North Texas State College by using the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale. It is hoped that the findings uncovered by this study will be of help to others interested in investigating and exploring this area.
Use of a Level of Aspiration Technique with Academically Successful and Unsuccessful College Sophomores
The problem of this thesis is the degree of aspiration (level of aspiration) exhibited by students with high or low levels of academic performance. With these levels established by the use of a standardized test designed for this purpose, this study is concerned more specifically with testing two hypotheses.
Anxiety in Jailees as Indicated by the Rorschach Test
This study concerns an evaluation of anxiety levels in jailees awaiting trial in a county jail. Detecting anxiety which had been overtly controlled, and apparently hidden called for the use of a projective technique. Such an instrument would have the additional advantage of minimizing the effect of the observer upon the observed.
A Comparative Study of the Philosophy of Certain Authors Relative to Reading Readiness
The problem of this investigation is to determine the amount of agreement or disagreement in the philosophies of certain authors relative to reading readiness in the first grade. Comparative data are included on evidences of the need for reading-readiness program, major factors involved, and desirable types of activities. The purpose of the study is to determine the apparent agreement or disparity found in current educational literature.
The Rorsach as an Indicator of Intelligence in Seventh-Grade Children
This study was undertaken in the belief that a greater relationship would be revealed between the Rorschach and intelligence test scores if the factors in the Rorschach which have been found in the past to be related to intelligence could be compared as a whole with scores obtained on mental tests. The purpose of this study was to determine whether it could be demonstrated that a higher degree of relationship does exist between several of the Rorschach factors, considered as a whole, and intelligence as revealed by the California Test of Mental Maturity.
A Study of the Interaction between Pupils and Student Teachers and Ratings of Teaching Effectiveness
There are three purposes of this study: (1) to determine the degree of interaction between pupils and student teachers and teaching effectiveness as rated by pupils; (2) to determine the significance of difference of pupil ratings between those who express "more" and those who express "less interest" in the course taught by the student teacher whom they were asked to rate; and (3) to study other variables such as sex, age, and achievement in order to show how they relate to pupil and student teacher interaction.
Relationship of some Background Factors to Success of Student Nurses in the Parkland Hospital School of Nursing
Factors other than academic ones are important in the selection of the members of any profession, and in nursing it could quite well be that those non-academic elements are rather weighted in determining the success or failure of student nurses because of the very nature of their work. This thesis will look at academic as well as other factors that may influence the success of student nurses.
An Analysis of Similarities and Convergences among Theories of Personality of Contemporary Personality Theorists
The main purpose of this study is to present an organized summary of some of the outstanding contemporary psychoanalytic theories of personality which have evolved during the past fifty or sixty years and to identify the similarities and convergences of these theoretical positions.
A Comparative Study of the Reading Interests of Junior and Senior Students in Ten Texas High Schools
The problem undertaken in this study was that of making an effort to determine, in so far as was possible, the reading interests of the students enrolled in the high school at Nocona, Texas, during the 1954-1955 school session. A secondary phase of the problem was to compare these reading interests with those of students enrolled in nine other typical high schools of comparable size in other sections of Texas, as determined by means of a questionnaire survey.
Sex-Role Identification as a Determinant of Choice on the Bonney-Fessenden Sociograph
It is the purpose of this study to utilize three psychometric measures in order to quantitatively assess the group of subjects on the basis of the trait heterosexuality, as measured by the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, and in turn make predictions on the basis of these data as to choices made on the Bonney-Fessenden Sociograph.
A Study of Sick Leave Practices of Texas Independent School Districts
The problem of this study is threefold: (1) to determine whether the sick leave policies and practices differ significantly between school districts of different sizes; (2) to determine whether there is significant relationship between the number of days of sick leave allowed and the number of days taken by teachers; and (3) to determine whether significant trends in sick leave policies and practices can be detected between the years 1957 and 1960.
The Effect of Feelings of Insecurity on Personality Characteristics of Institutionalized Adolescent Boys
This study was an investigation of the relationship between feelings of insecurity of institutionalized delinquent boys and the following personality variables: Ascendancy, Responsibility, Emotional Stability, Sociability, Cautiousness, Original Thinking, Personal Relations, and Vigor.
A Study of Self-ideal Discrepancy Scores and Anxiety in a College and Clinical Population
This thesis in concerned with the relationship of self-ideal discrepancy scores and anxiety in a college and clinical population.
A Comparison of the Cuisenaire Method of Teaching Arithmetic with a Conventional Method
The problem of this investigation was to determine the effectiveness of the Cuisenaire method of teaching arithmetic to fourth graders, as compared with a traditional conventional method. Furthermore, a secondary aspect of the problem was to compare performances of the experimental and control groups when classified according to sex.
Self-Rationalization and Two Aspects of the Self-Concept: The Social Self and the Private Self
The purpose of this study is two-fold: (1) to investigate the relationship between self-rationalization and self-concept, and (2) to investigate the relationship between two different types of self-concept, the private self or what a person thinks about himself and the social self or what a person thinks other people in his psychological group think about him.
The Influence of Configuration and Letter Sequence on Recognition Thresholds of Words
The purpose of this study is to attempt to determine what influence configuration and/or letter sequence have on the recognition thresholds of words. It is felt that low configuration and/or rare letter sequences will result in lower recognition thresholds, while high configuration and/or common letter sequence will result in higher recognition thresholds when stimulus words are presented to subjects by means of a tachistoscope.
A Comparison of Scores Made on the MMPI and CTMM by Two Groups of Juvenile Delinquents Apprehended for Auto Theft and a Group of Non-Delinquents
The problem of this study was to determine if juvenile delinquents who commit auto theft without an accomplice differ significantly in certain characteristics from those who commit such thefts with one of more confederates. The characteristics investigated were: (1) scores made on individual scales of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and (2) intellectual ability as measured by the California Short-Form Test of Mental Maturity. Furthermore, the same characteristics were examined to determine if a significant difference existed between each of the groups of juvenile delinquents and a group of juveniles who did not have a record of delinquency and attended Sunday School classes regularly.
A Study of the Relationship of Anxiety to Social and Personal Adjustment
To what extent will college students differing in anxiety level, as determined by their scores on the IPAT Anxiety Scale, differ in personal and social adjustment and certain factors of personal and social adjustment, as measured by the California Test of Personality.
A Comparison of Two Theological Student Groups in Relation to Theological Views, Rigidity and Political-economic Conservatism
The present investigation was designed to explore the relationship between authoritarianism, rigidity, political-economic conservatism and theological beliefs of two groups of students representing two nationally known theological seminaries. One seminary is noted for its conservative theological standing, the other for its liberal position.
The Relationship of Self Discrepancy to Perceived Problems of Graduate and Undergraduate Students
The problem is to determine if there are discrepancies between self-ideal concept which come about through changes in position with respect to group standing, and to what problems specifically that change is related to.
The Incidence of Non-Promotion in the Intermediate Grades of the Elementary School and some of its Relationships
The purpose of this investigation is to determine the incidence of retardation or non-promotion and the relationship of various characteristics of the retarded children in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades of Sunset School.
The Responsibility of the Primary School in the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
It is not the intent of this study to deal with the legal term, juvenile delinquency, but to deal with maladjusted behaviors as symptomatic of frustrations or tensions who need help. The purpose of this study is to survey the needs of children, their difficulties, the attempts that have been made to meet these needs, and to solve these difficulties.
Development and Evaluation of Teacher Retirement Systems in the United States
The purpose of this study is to collect, organize, and present information pertaining to the development of teacher retirement systems in the United States, with special emphasis upon the benefits and services such systems can render to the thousands and thousands of teachers who have given their lives to the cause of teaching the youth of America.
Relationship of Self-Concept to Creativity
The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to investigate the relationship between creativity and self-concept in grade school children, and (2) to discover if creative children see themselves as having traits that past studies have indicated are characteristic of creative individuals.
Initiating, Developing, and Evaluating a Sound School Council for a Small High School
This problem will seek to determine a program for initiating, developing, and evaluating a sound school council for a small high school. It is the purpose of this study to propose a working situation that may be made immediately applicable to small Texas high schools.
Rigidity: a Function of Ethnic Attitudes
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of segregation on the flexibility of individuals in the Negro and Anglo-American ethnic groups and to investigate the relationship between variations in flexibility and sociometric choices within the peer group.
An Evaluation of Parent-Teacher Associations in the Second District of Texas
The problem under consideration in this study is one having to do with an attempted analysis of the efficiency and worth of parent-teacher associations in the schools of North Texas.
Responsibility of the Secondary School for the Social Development of its Students
The problem in this study is twofold. First, there will be an attempt to determine the values that organizations in the secondary school have for the development of its students. Second, a survey will be made of the four-year accredited high schools in District Five of Texas to determine how and to what extent they are realizing their responsibilities in this respect.
Applying Democratic Principles to Social Studies Practices
The problem is to determine how a philosophy of democracy can be translated into democratic action in teaching social studies in the senior high school.
Valence of Stimulus Material as a Variable in Incidental Learning
This thesis discusses the valence of stimulus material as a variable in incidental learning.
To Determine the Effect of Certain Environmental Conditions upon Study
The problem under consideration is to determine the effect of certain environmental conditions upon the process of studying. This study attempts to answer the question, How much effect, positive or negative, will various environmental conditions have upon study?
Some Aspects of Self-Concept
The purpose of this study is fourfold: (1) to investigate any differences in self-concept scores of a normal (adjusted) and abnormal (maladjusted) population; (2) to investigate any difference in self-concept scores between psychotic and non-psychotic hospitalized patients, (3) to investigate changes in self-concept concomitant with psychotherapy, and (4) to investigate any sex differences in self-concept.
Effect of Anxiety on Achievement Test Scores of Children in the Sixth Grade
The purpose of the present study will be to test the relation between Test Anxiety Scores and Stanford-Achievement Test scores and to determine whether there sill be differences of significant values within the sub-tests on the achievement tests.
Ethnocentrism and Perceptual Ambiguity
Social scientists have been concerned for quite some time with the relationship between tolerance of perceptual ambiguity and ethnocentrism. Some investigations have approached the problem by utilizing ambiguous visual designs. It is the purpose of this research to add a new dimension to these studies by employing different types of visual figures and investigating relationships between perception and ethnocentrism.
A Study of Repression and its Relationship to Optimism/Pessimism as Measured by a Subjective and Objective Measuring Instrument
The purpose of this study is to investigate the phenomenon of repression and to study its relationship to optimism/pessimism as measured by a subjective and an objective measuring instrument.
Variations in Ego-strength as Related to Chronicity of Alcohol Addiction Among Males
The problem to be dealt with in this paper is the effect of social ridicule on the ego-strength of the individual. In being forced into the restricted social existence common with the alcohol addict, a significant decrease in ego-strength is to be expected.
Anxiety and Its Relation to Self-variables in College Students
The purpose of this study was to investigate the theoretical concepts involving the relation of self-variables to anxiety.
Personality Traits of Management Students and Business Personnel
The purpose of the present study was to determine if there are "cores" of similar personality traits among successful business and industrial managers and senior management students in the School of Business Administration at North Texas State University.
Some Interrelationships between Self-acceptance, Acceptance of Others, Predicted Acceptability to Others, and Actual Acceptance by Others
The purpose of the present study is fourfold: (1) to investigate the predicted relationships between self-acceptance and acceptance of others, (2) to investigate self-acceptance, acceptance of others, and their interrelationship with acceptance by others, (3) to investigate the patterns of interrelationship between self-acceptance, acceptance of others, actual acceptability to others, and predicted acceptability to others, and (4) to investigate an hypothesized curvilinear relationship between self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
The Relationship Between Aggression and Parental Contact in Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Males
The purpose of this study is to determine the possible effect of varying amounts of parental contact on the behavior of the institutionalized child. The effect that is being investigated is overt aggression. Also, the variable of peer support will be studied because of its important role when there is a lack of parental support.
Study of Relationship between Scholastic Achievement and Social Acceptance of Fourth Grade Students
The purpose of the present study is to further investigate whether or not those children who are highly accepted by their peers differ in scholastic achievement from those who are not accepted by their peers.