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 Department: Department of Engineering Technology
 Decade: 1990-1999
 Collection: UNT Theses and Dissertations
Development of a Coaxiality Indicator

Development of a Coaxiality Indicator

Access: Use of this item is restricted to the UNT Community.
Date: December 1999
Creator: Arendsee, Wayne C.
Description: The geometric dimensioning and tolerancing concept of coaxiality is often required by design engineers for balance of rotating parts and precision mating parts. In current practice, it is difficult for manufacturers to measure coaxiality quickly and inexpensively. This study examines feasibility of a manually-operated, mechanical device combined with formulae to indicate coaxiality of a test specimen. The author designs, fabricates, and tests the system for measuring coaxiality of holes machined in a steel test piece. Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (gage R&R) and univariate analysis of variance is performed in accordance with Measurement System Analysis published by AIAG. Results indicate significant design flaws exist in the current configuration of the device; observed values vary greatly with operator technique. Suggestions for device improvements conclude the research.
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