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 Serial/Series Title: NACA Aircraft Circulars
 Collection: Technical Report Archive and Image Library
Investigation of the behavior of parallel two-dimensional air jets
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The Sikorsky Twin Engined Amphibian, Type S-38, Model 1928
The S-38, model 28 is a nine passenger Sesquiplane powered by two Pratt and Whitney Wasp 410 HP engines and is intended for routes where the ability to take off and land from both land and water is essential.
Savoia Marchetti "S 64" Airplane
The S 64 is a large monoplane with an aspect ratio of 7. It has a cantilever wing made of a single piece, entirely of wood. The wing has three spars with a covering of plywood. The engine is mounted high over the wing's center. It was designed for long distance transatlantic flights.
The Parnall "Pipit" (British) : A Single-Seat Ship's Fighter
The Parnall Pipit is a single-seat ships fighter equipped with a Rolls Royce "F" type engine and armed with two synchronized Vickers guns. It can also be configured to carry bombs under the wings.
The "K 47" of the A.B. Flygindustri : An Armored Pursuit Monoplane
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Albessard "Triavion" Airplane (French) : A Two-Seat Tandem Monoplane
Autostability is the watchword of this tandem monoplane. The tandem design causes a natural flat flight pattern. It can also land and take off from very short runways.
Heinkel H.E. 50 commercial seaplane : winner of the 1926 German Seaplane Contest at Warnemunde
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The Focke-Wulf "G.L. 18" : twin-engine 150 HP. commercial airplane
A small commercial airplane, the Focke-Wulf G.L. 18 has two engines (75 HP. Junker). It is a monoplane and the engines are wing mounted.
Junkers Airplane "G 24" : All-metal Commercial Airplane
The G 24 is a commercial airplane with three engines and a monoplane wing. It is known for it's all metal construction and stabilizers.
The Rohrbach "ROCCO:" seaplane : new German commercial seaplane with two Rolls-Royce "Condor" engines
The Rocco is a has a monoplane wing surmounted by two engines. It's flat sided narrow beam hull is steadied when on the water by 2 outboard wing floats.
Westland "Wapiti", British
The Widgeon Wapiti is a military aircraft suitable for a variety of roles. It is a normal tow-bay wire-braced biplane and can be powered by a variety of the Bristol Jupiter series engines.
The De Havilland D.H. 75 "Hawk Moth" (British): Cabin Monoplane
The Hawk Moth is designed as a passenger aircraft with comfort in mind. It seats 4. The tail is of metal construction, while the wings are of wood. It has a total loaded weight of 3500 lbs.
The Gloster "Goldfinch" (British) : Single-Seat Fighter
The Goldfinch is equipped with the Bristol Jupiter Mark Vii engine. It is the all metal version of the Gloster Gamecock used by the R.A.F.
The Parnall "Imp": A New British Light Airplane
Harold Bolas, designer, wished the Imp to have two fundamental aims; simplicity and a good view. It is constructed without wire bracing.
The Avro "Avian III" Airplane (British)
The Avro Avian has a lift capacity of 828 lbs (including pilot). It is equipped with the Mark II A.D.C. Cirrus engine.
The "Gloster IV" Seaplane (British)
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The Boulton and Paul "Sidestrand I" bomber airplane (British)
The Sidestrand I is a twin engine bomber that has gone into production for Royal Air Force Squadrons. It seats three, and can carry a load in excess of 3500 lbs.
Dornier "Superwal" commercial seaplane with : two Rolls-Royce "Condor" 600 HP. engines
In November 1926, an exhibition flight of the Dornier giant flying boat was made for 3/4 of an hour. It was a larger version of the Dornier Wal, with a stepped hull, and wing stubs for lateral stability. It has a range of 1200 miles and is outfitted for baggage and 8 passengers.
Kay 331 gyroplane (British) : all-metal single-seat light rotor plane
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The Dornier Do K commercial airplane (German) : a high-wing cantilever monoplane
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Focke-Wulf F 19a "Ente" commercial airplane (German) : a tail-first high-wing monoplane
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The Weymann-Lepere W.E.L. 10 Observation Airplane (French) : a High-Wing Monoplane
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Heinkel HE 70 commercial airplane (German) : a seven-seat cantilever low-wing monoplane
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Supplement to the Supermarine S.6.B. Racing Seaplane (British) : A Low-Wing Twin-Float Monoplane
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The Dreieck I Tailless Airplane (German) : A Low-Wing Cantilever Monoplane
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The Supermarine S.6.B. Racing Seaplane (British) : A Low-Wing Twin-Float Monoplane
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Avro C.30 Direct-Control Autogiro (British)
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Heinkel He 64 C sport airplane (German) : a two-seat low-wing cantilever monoplane
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The Avro 627 "Mailplane" (English): A Single-Seat Biplane
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The Messerschmidt M.29 touring airplane (German) : a two-seat cantilever monoplane
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The A.B.C. "Robin" (British) : a single-seat cabin monoplane
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The Cierva "Autogiro" Mark III (British) : Armstrong-Siddeley "Genet Major" Engine
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Supermarine S.5 Seaplane (British) : Winner of the 1927 Schneider Cup Race
The S.5 is equipped with Napier Lion racing engine, all duralumin floats and has a top speed in excess of 300 M.P.H.
The Heinkel commercial airplane, H.D. 40
The H.D. 40 has a compound structure in which metal has been used at stress points. It is powered by one BMW IV 460 H.P. engine.
Stinson commercial airplane, type S M-1
The Stinson S M-1 seats 5 passengers and a pilot. It is equipped with a Wright Whirlwind Engine.
The Focke Wulf F.19 "ENTE" tail first airplane
No Description
Focke-Wulf A 17 commercial airplane "Mowe" (German)
The Mowe is equipped with a 420 H.P. Jupiter engine and can be configured to carry up to 10 passengers.
Training airplane "Arado SC 1"
The Arado SC 1 is a staggered overhung biplane. It was build specifically as a training aircraft.
The Rohrbach "ROBBE" RO VII seaplane : military or commercial
The RO VII is a monoplane with two 230 BMW engines mounted on top of the wing. It seats 4 passengers with room for a pilot and a mechanic in the cockpit.
The "Junkers-Junior" Light Airplane (German) : A Two-Seat All-Metal Low-Wing Cantilever Monoplane
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The Junkers "G 38" commercial airplane (German) : a giant high-wing monoplane
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The Breguet 410 and 411 Military Airplanes (French): Multiplace Sesquiplane Fighters
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The Hafner A.R. III Gyroplane (British)
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The Fairey III.F (British): a General Purpose Biplane
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The Breguet 270 General-Purpose Military Airplane (French) : A Two-Seat All-Steel Sesquiplane
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The A. B. Flygindustri "K 37" (Swedish Junkers) : A Low-Wing All-Metal Military Airplane
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The Bristol "Bulldog" (British): A Single-Seat All-Steel Fighter
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Macchi M. 39 Seaplane: Single-Seat Racer with an 800 HP. Fiat "A-S2" Engine
The M. 39 was designed by Castoldi to compete in the Schneider Cup Race of 1926 (Norfolk, VA). It is a monoplane with engine mounted in the fuselage, resting on two wing and hull mounted floats.
Junkers Commercial Airplane G 31
The three engine Junkers commercial Airplane, type G 31 is a further development of the earlier G 24. It is an all metal low wing monoplane with a total engine output of 1100-1200 HP.
The Bristol "Badminton" Airplane
The Bristol Badminton, Type 99 airplane has a radial aircooled engine (a Bristol Jupiter 9 cylinder 450 HP.) and three fuel tanks. It is a single seat biplane weighing 1,840 lbs. empty and 2,460 lbs. loaded.