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 Decade: 1920-1929
 Collection: Technical Report Archive and Image Library
The Legendary "White Metal" and its "Ore"
Report concerning stories about claims of a "white metal" extracted from an "ore" found packed around pieces of iron or steel. It includes information about various tests conducted about the validity of these claims and their findings.
Metal Mine Ventilation and its Relation to Safety and Efficiency in Mining Operations
Report on mine ventilation and its relation to safety and efficiency.
Recovery of Gold from Black Sand Tailings
Report on the recovery of gold from black sand tailings, based on tests conducted at the U.S. Bureau of Mines' Alaska Station.
Future Timber Supply for Coal Mines: What One Company is Doing
Report discussing a case study of a coal company in Western Pennsylvania to show how mining companies might decrease their timber bills.
The Recovery of Unburned Fuel from Boiler Furnace Refuse
Report on recovering unburned fuel from boiler furnace refuse, based on processes used in Europe and tests in the United States.
Carbon Tetrachloride Extinguisher of Electric Fires
Report discussing "the extent and nature of the hazards to firefighters from gases and smoke resulting from the application of carbon tetrachloride extinguisher to electric arcs, burning insulation or fires such as may occur in electrical apparatus and machinery. The experiments described were made for the purpose of determining the nature of gases and smoke and ascertaining their toxic properties" (p. 1).
What is Known about the Effect of Smoke on Health
From title page: "For some years the Bureau of Mines, in connection with its investigations relating to efficiency in the combustion of fuels, as been engaged in a study of smoke prevention. Popular support for such work is usually based upon the injurious effects of smoke on the human ssytem, and this paper is published as a contribution to the literature dealing with that subject."
Comparison of Gas Masks, Hose Masks, and Oxygen-Breathing Apparatus
Report providing information about the most appropriate kinds of breathing apparatus -- gas masks, hose masks, or self-contained oxygen-breathing apparatus -- to use in different situations.
National Electrical Safety Code, 4th edition
Fourth edition of the United States Electrical Safety Code.
Discussion of the National Electrical Safety Code: (to Accompany the Third Edition of the Code), October 31, 1920
Discussion of the updated rules in the third edition of the National Electrical Safety Code.
Tables of thermodynamic properties of ammonia
A report containing tables of thermodynamic properties of ammonia.
Motor-Vehicle Headlighting
A report on the necessity of improved motor-vehicle lighting.
Annual Report of the Director of the Bureau of Standards to the Secretary of Commerce for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1922
Annual report of the director of the U.S. National Bureau of Standards discussing the staff, facilities, and activities of the agency during the fiscal year 1921-1922.
Report of the Nineteenth National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1926
Report of the annual conference on weights and measures, hosted by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards in Washington D.C. It includes conference proceedings, a list of attendees, information about committees and officers, and other reports or commentaries discussed at the meetings.
National Bureau of Standards: its functions and activities
A report on the functions of the National Bureau of Standards.
Performance of B. M. W. 185-Horsepower Airplane Engine
No Description
Mollier Chart of Properties of Ammonia, 1923
Mollier chart of properties of ammonia.
Strain Lines Developed by Compressive Tests on Structural Members of the Delaware River Bridge at the United States Bureau of Standards for the Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
Strain lines illustrations from Delaware River Bridge.
Operation and Care of Vehicle-Type Batteries
Manual for operation and care of storage batteries for use in Army depots.
Analyses of Virginia Coals
Report containing several articles discussing coal in the state of Virginia. These articles cover geographic deposition of coal, coal production, mining methods, and analyses of coal samples. Index begins on page 71.
Permissible Explosives, Mining Equipment, and Apparatus Approved Prior to January 1, 1924
Report documenting mining explosives, equipment, and breathing apparatuses approved by the United States Bureau of Mines prior to January 1, 1924.
Morane-Saulnier 180 light airplane (French) : a single-seat training monoplane
Equipped with a 40 HP Salmson engine, it is a single seat parasol type construction.
Lift theory of supporting surfaces : second article
No Description
Nieuport-Delage 640 (French) : commercial high-wing monoplane
The Nieuport Delage 640 is a single engine commercial high-wing monoplane of all wood construction, including the fuselage and tail. It's landing gear is hinged in two parts.
Liore-Olivier airplane : type 12 night-bomber or type 20 commercial
No Description
The A.N.E.C. IV "Missel Thrush" light airplane
A product of the Air Navigation Engineering Co., the Missel Thrush is a light airplane suitable for private ownership. It is a two seat tractor fuselage biplane with single I interplane struts designed by J. Bewsher.
The De Havilland 61 "Canberra" (British) : a 6-8 passenger airplane
Made for an Australian buyer, the Canberra is capable of carrying a payload of 1900 lbs. with a top speed of 126 M.P.H. At 105-110 M.P.H. it has a range of about 475 miles. It has a single Jupiter VI engine.
The Francois Villiers marine pursuit airplane
A traditional biplane design allows this craft to function with the speed and maneuverability necessary to perform as a pursuit aircraft while also being able to land on water. It featured retractable landing gear for water landings. It was powered with a 450 HP. Lorraine-Dietrich engine.
The Westland IV commercial monoplane (British)three "Cirrus III" engine
No Description
The Short "Calcutta" : first British all-metal commercial seaplane
The Calcutta is a large seaplane, with seating for 16 and a payload of 3,400 pounds.
Bleriot-Spad 91 Airplane (French) : pursuit single-seater, type "Jockey"
This aircraft has announced a speed of 270 km per hour at 4000 m. It is of all metal construction.
The Saunders "Cutty Sark" commercial seaplane (British) : a high-wing monoplane flying boat
No Description
Effect of roughness on properties of airfoils
The first group of a large series of contemplated experiments on the effect of roughness was intended to show the effect of great roughness on airfoils of various sizes and attitudes.
Avia pursuit airplane B.H. 21
Built by the 'Czecho-Slovakian' aircraft factory, AVIA, the B.H. 21, has a top speed of 250 MPH, and carries 120 kg of gasoline and 20 kg of oil, giving it a radius of action of 600-650 km. It is equipped with a Hispano-Suiza engine capable of 300 HP.
Lockheed "Vega" airplane : a commercial cabin monoplane
The Vega is a high wing monoplane suitable for commercial purposes. It can seat 6 passengers or 100 cubic feet of cargo.
The Westland "Widgeon III" "Cirrus II: or "Genet II" engine
The Widgeon III is a parasol type monoplane. One of it's strongest features was the high degree of visibility available to the pilot.
The Mureaux "Brunet 3C2" pursuit airplane
Designed by Engineer Brunet, the 3C2 is an all metal monoplane with two engines and provision for six machine guns and 12 10 Kg. bombs.
The Armstrong Whitworth "Starling" (British) : (single seat fighter)
No Description
The Supermarine "Southampton" seaplane : observation or bomber
Purchased for the British Air Ministry, the Southampton seaplane uses 2 Napier Lion engines and has a boat hull with outriggers mounted on the wings. It was designed as a military aircraft and can be easily converted to a bomber.
The Vickers "Vendace", a land or sea training biplane
No Description
Fiat C.R. 20 pursuit airplane
The Fiat C.R. 20 has an all metal frame covered with fireproof fabric, except for the area near the engines, which is covered in duraluminum. It is armed with 4 machine guns and is capable of 280 KPH.
Avimeta three-engine commercial monoplane : type A.V.M. 132
This is an all metal aircraft, including the wing coverings. Both the framework and the sheet-metal coverings are Alferium, made by Schneider Co.
The Morane Sauliner 222 airplane (French) : a single-seat pursuit monoplane
No Description
Vojenska-Smolik S.16 airplane : all-metal long-distance observation bi-plane
No Description
The Fairchild "all-purpose" cabin monoplane
The Fairchild "all-purpose" is a 4 seater with a large luggage compartment, good visibility, and can be configured for surveying work. It is rated at 200 HP. at 1800 R.P.M., but can deliver over 220 HP.
The Fokker "Trimotor F VII" commercial transport monoplane
Directly developed from the single engined type F VII ten passenger monoplanes, The Fokker Trimotor closely follows the commercial aircraft that preceded it. It has three Wright Whirlwind air-cooled engines, rated at 200 HP each.
Savoia seaplane S.55 : military or commercial
The S.55 is a two engine twin hull seaplane built by Societa Idrovolanti Alta Italia (Seaplane Company of Upper Italy). The S.55 (Santa Maria) is to be used for an around the world flight In 1927. It will have a useful load of 7,500 lbs. and a cruising speed of 100 MPH.
Wibault two-seat monoplane 8C2 : an all-metal pursuit and observation airplane
Michel Wibault's two seat monoplane 8C2, is similar to the Parasol pursuit monoplane which preceded it. It has no perishable parts in its structure and needs no special storage or coverings. The sample aeroplane uses a 500 HP Hispano-Suiza engine but can accept a 400-600HP engine from a variety of manufacturers with little difficulty. It uses a two blade tractor propeller.
The Boulton and Paul "Bugle" airplane : day bomber
The Bugle is a twin engine tractor biplane. It features two Jupiter engines and oleo-pneumatic landing gear. Its maximum speed is 120 MPH.
The Fokker "Universal" commercial airplane
Equipped with a Wright Whirlwind 200-230 H.P. Engine, the Universal can be configured with floats or wheels and seats 4-6 passengers.