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Economic considerations in regulating neurotoxic substances
This report discusses economic consideration in regulating neurotoxic substances which involves balancing the economic benefits of utilizing these substances commercially against their actual or potential risks to human health and the environment.
Beneath the bottom line: agricultural approaches to reduce agrichemical contamination of groundwater, part B management
This report discusses the assessment of agrichemicals in ground water in the United States in the late 1970's. A series of recommendations are offered in this report to help solve the problems.
The Role of technology in the education, training, and retraining of adult workers: a report
This report shows how new technological tools or devices are being used in adult education and training it examines the evidence of their effectiveness and costs and it suggests prospects for the future use of technologies.
Technology, public policy, and the changing structure of American agriculture, Background papers, Volume II
This report discusses the commodity programs that have been developed over the years with the objective to raise farm outcomes.
Issues in capitation: risk of financial ruin for providers and ways to control this risk
The purpose of this report is to explore issues relating to healthcare expenses. To examine the concept of risk for providers in a capitation payment environment and to estimate the effectiveness of various risk limiting techniques.
Beneath the bottom line: agricultural approaches to reduce agrichemical contamination of groundwater
This report discusses the agricultural practices that are contributing to the contamination of groundwater, how to develop alternative practices, it outlines major components of the water quality issues, and describes the integrating and coordinating activities of the respective federal agencies.
Persistance in higher S/E education: S/E baccalaureate to S/E doctorate productivity of U.S. baccalaureate-granting institutions
This report describes a study which purpose is to further analyze the BA to PhD pipeline data for the 170 institutions that have either been identified as highly productive institutions or institutions of special interest to policymakers and educational planners.
Soviet science and engineering education and work force policies: recent trends
This report discusses the Soviet education in the science and engineering that has been characterized by major quantitative achievements and serious qualitative and administrative shortcomings.
Institutional productivity: the undergraduate origins of science and engineering Ph.D.s
This report describes a study which purpose is to address the question of whether certain types of educational institutions are more effective than others in producing baccalaureates who continue on to earn a science/engineering (S/E) Ph.D., and subsequently enter the S/E work force as well as pursue research careers.
Identifying potential scientists and engineers: an analysis of the high school-college transition, Report 2, Multivariate analysis of the high school class of 1982
This report describes the second part of the project that studied the science-oriented behaviors of students as they move through high school into college.
Images of science: factors affecting the choice of science as a career
This report describes the dimensions of the problem this nation faces in producing enough scientists and engineers, it also attempt to describe how "images" of science may affect whether American students choose careers in science.
Effects of office automation on the public sector workforce: a case study
The objective of this report is to identify and explore conditions under which office automation has been successfully and productively implemented in New York city municipal offices.
Economic incentives and disincentives for recycling of municipal solid waste
This report is divided into an Executive Summary and four chapters. These chapters examine Federal subsidies to virgin materials, the potential for Federal subsidies for recycled materials, Federal subsidies for alternative energy sources, and state efforts at increasing recycling through tax incentives.
Changes in sexual behavior of homosexual and bisexual men since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic
This report discusses Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the ways to prevent those not infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from becoming infected with it.
Annual Report to the Congress for Fiscal Year 1995
This report includes statements from the TAAC chairman and director’s statement. The report includes the industry, commerce, international security division, as well as health, education and environment division.
Scenarios of five federal agencies (1991-95) as shaped by information technology: a report to the Federal Government Information Technology Project
This report concentrates on the impacts of telecommunications and computer technology over the next ten years on the civil sector of the federal government.
The effectiveness of educational programs to help prevent school-age youth from contracting HIV: a review of relevant research
This report reviews the research on AIDS and sex education programs. It examines the more significant studies that have evaluated the actual impact of those programs upon various outcomes, including knowledge, attitudes, skills and sexual behaviors.
New developments in biotechnology: field-testing engineered organisms: genetic and ecological issues: contractor documents, volume 1
This report includes these topics: Potential environmental impact of widespread releases of non-ice nucleating bacteria in agriculture / D.A. Andow, S.S. Snapp, and P.S. Teng -- An assessment of the impact of large-scale applications of ice-minus bacteria and other procedures designed to decrease population sizes of ice-nucleative-active bacteria on crops / Christen D. Upper, Susan S. Hirano, Gabor Vali.
Electric power wheeling and dealing: technological considerations for increasing competition: volume II--contractor documents, part C.
This report is to provide the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) with an overview of some of the investment issues affecting the future of the electric power industry in support of OTA's ongoing study on competition in the industry. The paper is organized in three chapters.
The context for exploring workplace monitoring
This report describes the history of monitoring work and the legal framework which applies to employee privacy rights and associate4d issues of worker protection.
Employee monitoring in other industrial democracies
This report explores how other advanced industrial democracies and some multi - national or international agencies are approaching workplace monitoring,.
Privacy and quality-of-work-life issues in employee monitoring: contractor report
This report discusses broad perspectives an historical trends on worker monitoring,and current work-evaluation monitoring. It also describes a variety of federal-agency monitoring practices.
Study of international clearing and settlement: Volume V, Supra Regional Topics
This report is a part of collection of expert papers on clearing and settlement. These paper are a part of Study of International Clearing and Settlement.
Study of international clearing and settlement: Volume III Europe
This report is a part of collection of expert papers on clearing and settlement. These paper are a part of Study of International Clearing and Settlement.
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy: clinical application and Medicare physician payment
This report discusses the new methods of paying physicians; fee schedules, payment for an episode-of-illness, and capitation payments.
Evaluation of ethical implications of selected alternatives for paying physicians under the Medicare program
This report discusses the effects of changes in Medicare reimbursement methods, examines the ethical considerations, and classifies the alternative payment methods.
Preparing for an Uncertain Climate—Vol. II
This is the OTAs second report on climate change. OTA examines how the Nation can best prepare for an uncertain future climate. This assessment tackles the difficult tasks of assessing how natural and human systems may be affected by climate change and of evaluating the tools at our disposal to ease adaptation to a warmer climate.
Preparing for an uncertain climate: summary
This is the final report on climate change. OTA examines how the Nation can best prepare for an uncertain future climate.
Background paper on cataract surgery and physician payment under the Medicare program
This report both describes current clinical and economic aspects of cataract surgery and analyzes how alternative methods of paying physicians might affect cataract surgery in the future.
Biotechnology in a global economy: Biotechnology developments in Asia - A financial prespective
This report discusses the biotechnology development, government, research institutes and industry and finance in the following countries: Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan.
Biotechnology in a global economy
This report discusses the biotechnology in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.
Intellectual property and the new computer-based media
This report discusses the intellectual property rights. The concern is primarily with how modern electronics has changed the locus of creation, publishing, and distribution of such property.
Federal computers and telecommunications: security and reliability considerations and computer crime legislative options
This report concentrates on two major topics: The adequacy of security and reliability policies of the federal government and Computer crime trends and limitations to legislative responses to current and future technological developments.
The international dimension: new technologies and intellectual property rights
This report considers international copyright as an instrument of adjustment of rights and interests domestically and among nations.
The Accommodation of intellectual property law to the introduction of new technologies; Copyright and new technology; The Impact on the Law of Privacy, Antitrust and Free Speech
This report discusses the copyright protection laws and the surrounding issues.
Congressional applications of information technology
This report discusses the implications of specific information technology applications on the Congress.
Science in the steady state: the changing research university: contractor's report
This report is divided into three main parts. The first part considers the underlying notion of interpreting science in systems terms and sketches the analytic categories necessary for that re conceptualization. Part two draws on face to face interviews with scientists to examine the possible consequences of the shift to steady state science. Part three offers a set of issues for policy and research and critically examines the idea of a steady state for science.
The evolution of distance learning: technology-mediated interactive learning: a report for the study, "Technologies for learning at a distance", Science, Education, and Transportation Program
This report has two primary goals. One objective is to provide provocative ideas on how emerging forces external to education may shape the future of distance learning. The second purpose is to depict a potential new field, technology-mediated interactive learning, that may result from synthesis of distance learning, cooperative learning, and computer-supported cooperative work.
A study of distance education policies in state education agencies
This report provides a definition of distance learning and an overview of selected policies, operative policies and existing polices. The report discusses the policy changes and opportunities, as well as the implications for Federal Policy.
Developing law on professional standards and peer review in quality assessment activities
This report describes the expanding role of professional standards and peer review activities in health-care quality assessment initiatives. It also describes how some traditional and some new quality assessment activities that involve professional and peer review are either building on or in conflict with existing legal processes and public policy.
Philosophical issues concerning the rights of patients suffering serious permanent dementia
This report discusses the rights of seriously and permanently demented people. Do they have the same right to autonomy, to the beneficence of their custodians, to dignity, and to a minimum level of resources as sick people of normal mental competence have? The emphasis is on extended analysis of various philosophical issues.
The suitability of consumers' assessments of physician and hospital performance as indicators of the quality of care
This report discusses briefly several distinctions were important for the review of the suitability of data from consumer as indicators of quality of care.
Release of physician-specific quality of care information: legal issues
This report discusses the physician-specific vs. patient-specific data, the identifiable interests vie for attention in the analysis of physician-identified data collection and disclosure.
Dementia among nursing home patients: defining the condition, characteristics of the demented, and dementia on the RUG-II classification system
This report discusses how dementia affects the quality of life, the increasing number of demented persons, the onset of dementia conditions.
Impact of dementia within minority groups: submitted to Office of Technology Assessment, United States Congress, contract no. 533-5300.0
The purpose of this report is to provide a foundation for understanding the impact of dementia on the ethnic minority elderly.
Analysis of data bases for health services research on dementia
This report offers different sources of data regarding different forms of dementia, as well as illustrations and applications in a different settings.
Life sustaining technologies: elderly in Japan
This report analyzes issues which life sustaining technologies have created with respect to growing number of elderly in Japan. It deals with future trends in the care of the elderly in the Japanese health care system.
Implications of alternative Medicare payment methods for pneumoccal vaccination
The purpose of this report is to: 1)update the estimated level of use of pneumococcal vaccine in the United States, 2)examine factors that influence its use, and 3) assess how, if at all, selected alternative payment methods might affect the use of this vaccine.
Analysis of issues relating to implementing a medicare physician fee schedule
This report provides background information on the tasks of studying alternative physician payment methodologies including replacement of CPR system with national or regional fee schedule.
Accuracy of diagnosis and consequences of misdiagnosis of disorders causing dementia
This report discusses the diagnosis of clinical syndrome of dementia, accuracy of differential diagnosis of dementig disorders, prognosis and prognostic accuracy, public health consequences of misdiagnosis,and summary of recommendations.