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 Country: Serbia and Montenegro
 Year: 1944
 Collection: World War Two Newsmaps
Newsmap. Monday, January 17, 1944 : week of January 6 to January 13, 227th week of the war, 109th week of U.S. participation
Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: USSR, Burma, Air war, Italy, Southwest Pacific, Yugoslavia, Jet plane. Map inset: Enemy controlled areas across the globe Photographs: Chinese workers and soldiers pack dirt for an airfield in southeastern China; WACs Capt. Elizabeth Lutze, Sheboygan, Wis., Lt. Sally Dean, Battle Creek, Mich. and Flight officer Margaret Maude, WAAF, London, pause behind a sacred cow lying in front of a bazaar in Delhi, India; U.S. engineers supervise the building of the new Ledo Road in northern Burma; Lt. Gen. Krueger watches the plane taking Gen. Marshall back to the U.S.; Gen. Marshall confers with Gen. Sir Thomas Blamey; Gen. George C. Marshall with Lieut. Gen. George C. Kenney, Maj. Gen. S.J. Chamberlain, Lieut. Gen. Walter Krueger, Gen. Marshall and Gen. MacArthur; Logone, Italy during a battle between Fifth Army artillery and German forces; Soldiers look for salvage in a pile of shell cases and containers following a barrage against German positions in Cassino; American soldiers of the Fifth Army repair a tank motor near battle lines. Back: Map of Southeast Asia.
Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. 241st week of the war, 123rd week of U.S. participation
Front: Text describes action on various war fronts: Eastern front; Italy; air war; Southeast Asia; Pacific. Maps: Communications centers hit in the Balkans; Crimea. Includes 7 photographs. Back: Smoke. Description of 4 ways to produce smoke for combat purposes. 1 illustration. 9 photographs.