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 Decade: 2000-2009
 Year: 2001
 Collection: Congressional Research Service Reports
The U.S.-European Union Banana Dispute
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Food Safety Issues in the 107th Congress
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Agricultural Export and Food Aid Programs
This report discusses projected agricultural imports and exports for FY2001, as well as legislation that deals with federal programs in support of agricultural exports and federal aid dedicated to farms and agricultural reform.
Nutrition Labeling: Fresh Meats
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Sugar Policy Issues
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Country-of-Origin Labeling for Foods: Current Law and Proposed Changes
Federal law requires most imports, including many food items, to bear labels informing the “ultimate purchaser” of their country of origin. Various bills have been introduced to impose expanded country-of-origin labeling requirements on meats and on several other agricultural products. Such proposals have attracted attention for a number of reasons. One is that they are viewed (by some advocates) as a way to help U.S. producers dealing with low farm prices. Also, some perceive that food products from certain countries might pose greater risks than those from the United States.
Food and Drug Administration: Selected Funding and Policy Issues
This report discusses funding and policy issues regarding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is responsible for ensuring the safety of foods, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and other products.
Peanuts: Policy Issues
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Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods
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U.S. European Agricultural Trade: Food Safety and Biotechnology Issues
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