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 Decade: 1980-1989
 Collection: Congressional Research Service Reports
Drunk Driving and Raising the Drinking Age
This brief report is prepared in response to numerous requests for information on the related issues of drunk driving and raising the drinking age.
National Minimum Drinking Age: Provisions and Analysis
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Block Grants
This report includes the material on block grants, including a CRS Report on the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1981, several articles, and a guide to State block grant implementation. For additional information and assistance, we have also included addresses of people to contact on the Federal (p. 59) and State levels (p. 70-104).
Survey of State Statutes Affecting Voting by the Physically Handicapped
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Speed Limits for Motor Vehicles
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Federal and State Authority to Regulate Radioactive Waste Disposal and Transportation
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Foreign Ownership of Property in the United States: Federal and State Restrictions
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