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 Country: Japan
 Decade: 1980-1989
 Collection: Congressional Research Service Reports
Japan: Prospects for Greater Market Openness
Japan has made considerable progress in opening its economy to imports, but significant obstacles remain. This report analyzes the underlying causes of Japan's market protection and assesses the prospects for Japan moving in the direction of greater market openness.
Japan-U.S. Trade
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Japan-U.S. Trade Relations
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The Japanese Health Care System
This report provides (1) a description of the coverage, benefits, financing and administration of the Japanese health insurance plans; (2) a discussion of the way in which reimbursement levels for health care providers are determined; and (3) an analysis of the way in which the provision of health care system is organized in Japan.
Japan's International Trade Patterns, Institutions, and Policies
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U.S. Trade Policy Towards Japan: Where Do We Go From Here?
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