The Aerie, Yearbook of North Texas State University, 1982

The College of Education consists of Counseling
and Student Services: Elementary, Early Childhood,
Reading and Special Education: Health Education:
Higher and Adult Education: Human Services,
Foundations, and Multi-Cultural Education, Indus-
trial Arts Education: Occupational and Vocational
Education: Physical Education and Dance: Public
School Administration and Supervision: Recreation
and Leisure Studies: Secondary Education: and a
number of auxiliary units including J.C. Matthews
Chair of Higher Education, Office of Grant Support
and Development, Office of Student Services, and
the Pupil Appraisal Center. NTSU is accredited by
the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher
The Division of Elementary, Early Childhood
Reading, and Special Education offers a complete
curriculum of teacher preparation. Degree pro-
grams include the bachelor's, master's and doctoral
degrees. Several different certification programs are
available. At the bachelor's degree level they in-
clude the basic Provisional Elementary Certificate
for grades one through eight: a kindergarten or
special education endorsement to the basic elemen-
tary certificate: a Teachers of Young Children Cer- s
tificate for teaching children age three to grade
three. _

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