Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots: School Libraries and Student Achievement in California

principal, teacher and student in working with the library media specialist (AASL & AECT,
The library media specialist's role as teacher was more clearly defined than ever, as was
his responsibility as instructional leader (Gann, 1998). With new technologies being introduced
so frequently, it was now the library media specialist's responsibility to provide "leadership in
assessing, evaluating, and following informational and instructional technologies" (AASL &
AECT 1988, p. 26).
While there was a pronounced shift away from quantitative standards toward qualitative
guidelines-a response to the rapid pace of change and a shifting philosophy about the role of
the library media specialist (Gann, 1998)- quantitative recommendations were offered for high
service school library programs regarding staffing, collection, technology, and budget (AASL &
AECT, 1988, 113-139), suggesting that even as conceptions of school library programs evolved,
some of the more traditional standards of quality still held sway.
Information Power.: Building Partnerships for Learning (AASL & AECT, 1998) extends
the basic principles of the 1988 version with the addition of the nine information literacy
standards for student learning, organized around information literacy, independent learning and
social responsibility. The focus on standards for the student is a significant change that reflects
the nationwide trend toward student standards. Absent are the quantitative measures of earlier
standards in favor of qualitative descriptions of the roles library media specialists play in
supporting the student standards. Collaboration, leadership and technology underlie the vision of
library media programs in this document (AASL & AECT, 1998), furnishing the "theoretical and
practical grounding both for the program and for all the activities of the library media specialist;
which include serving as an instructional partner in learning and teaching, providing information


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