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Haves, Halves, and Have-Nots: School Libraries and Student Achievement in California

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between school library
programs and student achievement. This chapter explores the evolution of school library
programs in the United States from their beginnings and reviews the research that has both
informed and responded to that evolution. A separate section of this chapter looks specifically at
research on school libraries in California. An analysis of major studies that examine correlations
between school library programs and student achievement is presented, and a theoretical model
of school library programs is offered as a means of interpreting the results of this study.
Evolution of School Library Programs
A cornerstone for this study is the American Association of School Librarians' (AASL)
and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology's (AECT) Information
Power.: Building Partnerships for Learning (AASL & AECT, 1998), which articulates standards
for library media specialists based on input from school library leaders and informed by decades
of research. The importance of this document was reinforced in California by the publication of
Standards and Guidelines for Strong School Libraries (California School Library Association,
2004), which uses the guiding principles of Information Power in recommending standards for
all aspects of a school library media program, including the library media specialists, clerical
support, library media resources, technology, and district and county support. Information
Power. Building Partnerships for Learning (AASL & AECT 1998) establishes a set of nine
information literacy standards for students, to be used in guiding library media specialists in
implementation of three key facets of a school library program: information access, learning and
teaching, and program administration.

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