Domestic disturbances

made to understand that the military will perform its mission
of restoring law and order. Proclamations, announcements
of restrictions within the affected area, etc., will normally be
issued by the military commander when aiding civil authori-
ties. The commander should cooperate closely with State and
local officials. Notices of restrictions, or relaxations thereof,
will usually be made by the commander through the civil
authorities, the press, radio, over public address systems
when practicable, and through managers of business estab-
Shotguns are often appropriate as auxiliary weapons for a
portion of the command. An adequate supply of chemical
hand grenades and small-arms ammunition is essential. In
the issue of special-purpose weapons to troops, it should be
borne in mind that many men may be on duty in detached
patrols (to cope with sporadic outbreaks). (For chemical
munitions see FM 3-5.)
37. EQUIPMENT. The equipment required will not dif-
fer materially from that of ordinary field service. The
character of the service expected, the season of the year, and
other conditions will indicate necessary modifications. Special
equipment may include such items as riot sticks, axes, picks,
sledge hammers, crowbars, and rope.
38. TRANSPORTATION. Motor vehicles are necessary
for supply, transportation of patrols and messengers,' and for
the rapid transporation of troops and prisoners. If a shortage
of motor equipment is anticipated, arrangements for addi-
tional vehicles may be made with appropriate headquarters,
civil authorities, bus or other public transportation agencies.

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