Domestic disturbances

(5) Among probable duties of the provost marshal are
the following:
(a) All necessary measures to determine what traffic
should be permitted within the commander's area of respon-
sibility, and how such traffic should be supervised. The
traffic plan should include procedure to prevent the move-
nent of trouble-makers into or from disturbed areas.
(b) Traffic routing in such a way that roads will be kept
open for passage of troops, fire-fighting equipment, and other
emergency personnel and equipment.
(c) Supervision of rail, interurban, and bus terminals, to
prevent unauthorized individuals from entering communi-
ties where their presence might cause trouble.
(d) Supervision and direction of movement of prisoners
from collecting points to jails or stockades.
(e) Enforcement of prohibition of or limitations on public
(f) Recommendation of off-limits areas or communities.
(g) Arrangement of the most effective method in which
to present the commander's proclamation to the lawless ele-
ments. (See par. 43b).
(6) The judge advocate will advise the commander in
legal matters and supervise the administration of military
(7) The chemical officer will advise the commander con-
cerning the use of smoke and other chemicals, and supervise
any use of chemicals.
(8) Engineering Corps personnel will make recommenda-
tions concerning the construction of street barricades (and
supervise their construction). Duties may also include re-
moving obstacles erected by the lawless elements.
(9) Signal Corps personnel will recommend and may
install and operate such communication systems as are

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