Domestic disturbances

(f) TM 8-285, Treatment of Casualties from Chemical
(g) Applicable Emergency Plans White and Disaster
Relief Plans.
(h) List of available Army and State Guard units, with
current strength.
(i) Maps of all critical areas, with vital installations,
populous districts, road block systems, etc., indicated thereon;
and related information.
(j) Stationery and other office supplies, assembled with
a view to the need for quick and frequent multiple produc-
tion of field and administrative orders, and other directives.
(2) The military intelligence (G-2) section will be pri-
marily engaged in the collection, recording, evaluation, and
interpretation of the types of information suggested in para-
graph 30. The journal and diary should be kept current at
all times.
(3) The operations and training (G-3) section will prob-
ably work with the executive officer in the recommendation
of strategy, and the preparation of field and administration
orders. Close cooperation with other staff sections is impera-
tive in conducting necessary and continuous studies of the
tactical situation.
(4) The supply and evacuation (G-4) section is respon-
sible for preparation of plans for, and supervision of the
execution of arrangements for supply, evacuation, transpor-
tation, and related administrative matters. It makes recom-
mendations to the commander concerning supply and evacu.
ation, and is responsible for development of details of the
administrative plan pertaining to these functions. In civil
disturbances these relate particularly to rations, special equip-
ment, supplies, and housing for troops and prisoners. Other
problems of the section include transportation of troops to
and within the affected areas.


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