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Military police in towns and cities

Figure 8. Offenders are booked by the police clerk.
by the jailer as soon as he has been booked. The jailer
maintains constant surveillance of prisoners. If there is no
suitable detention room or cell block at military police
headquarters, arrangements are made with the nearest mili-
tary installation with suitable facilities for the detention
of prisoner.
e. Disposition. The disposition of offenders depends
upon the nature of the offenses which they have committed.
Persons who have committed only minor offenses are nor-
mally released immediately after booking. A provisional
military police pass (see TM 19-250) is issued when neces-
sary. Offenders confined for such offenses as drunkenness
and disorderly conduct are usually released within 24 hours
and permitted to return to their organization without guard.
If the offense is serious enough that the offender must be

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