Military police in towns and cities

cases involving the illegal importation of merchandise into
the United States.
(6) Immigration and Naturalization Service (Dept. of
Justice). Assists in the apprehension of absentees passing
through control points or ports of entry.
(7) Post Office Inspector. Investigates violations of
postal laws.
(8) United States District Attorney. Represents mili-
tary authorities in Federal civil courts when necessary.
(9) United States Marshal. Executes orders of Federal
civil courts.
f. With civil businessmen. Liaison should be estab-
lished and maintained by the provost marshal with civilian
businessmen, in particular the owners and operators of es-
tablishments frequented by service personnel. When re-
quested, the provost marshal should explain to the repre-
sentatives of businessmen the policies laid down by higher
authority and the methods by which they will be enforced.
11. "OFF LIMITS" AND CURFEW. For the declara-
tion of places or areas "off limits," and the establishment of
curfews, see FM 19-5.


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