Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, United States, 1948-1983, Volume 1 A-O

Newspapers in Microform: United States


LOS ANGELES (Continued)
Los Angeles herald-examiner. Ja 8? 1962d

Continues Los Angeles evening herald and
express, and Los Angeles examiner.
C s 1962CL
s 1962CLCo
s 1962CLU
s 1962DLC
s 1962ICRL
s 1966McP
m 1962Los
Angeles hochi daily news
see Rafu hochi shimbun
Los Angeles hotel gazette. 1894-1911? d,w
Frequency varies: Daily, 1894-1900.
Continues Los Angeles hotel gazette and daily
railway advertiser.
No microform reported
Los Angeles hotel gazette and daily railway advertiser.
1888-1893 ? d
Continued by Los Angeles hotel gazette.
CLCo m s 022,1888; F 9, Ap 6, D 21,1889;
Ag 1, 25, N 11,1891; Mr 30,1892; Ja 13,1893

Los Angeles image. My 2,1969-?
DLC s [My-S 19,1969]
McP m [My-S 19,1969]
OC1 s [My-S 19,1969]


Los Angeles independent. 1928?-1955? w
Prints separate editions for West Los Angeles,
Santa Monica, Venice, Westwood, Rancho
Park, Ocean Park.
Title varies: Prints single Sunday edition
covering all seven communities under title
of Sunday independent, 1928-1949.
Published at Santa Monica, 1955?CLU
m [1949]
Los Angeles Japanese American. S 19231933.
In Japanese.
Japanese title: Rafu nichi bei.
Continues North American herald.
CLCo s 0-N1930
CLU m* 0-N1930
Los Angeles Japanese daily news
see Rafu shimpo

Los Angeles life. 1888-1891?
Title varies: Life.
CLCo m s [1889-1891]


Los Angeles mirror. O 11,1948-D 17,1954. d
Merged with Illustrated daily news to form
Los Angeles mirror and daily news.
CL s 1948-1954
McP m 1948-1954

Los Angeles mirror. 0 1960-Ja 5,1962.
Continues Los Angeles mirror-news.
C s 1960-1962
CL s 1960-1962
McP m 1960-1962


Los Angeles mirror and daily news. D 18,1954My
1957. d
Continues Los Angeles miror, 1948-1954, and
Illustrated daily news.
Continued by Los Angeles mirror-news.
CL s 1954-1957
CU m s D20-31,1955; s 1955-Ja1956
McP m 1954-1957
Los Angeles mirror-news. Je 1957-S 1960. d
Continues Los Angeles mirror and daily news.
Continued by Los Angeles mirror, 1960-1962.
C s [1959-1960]
CL s 1957-1960
McP m 1957-1960

Los Angeles morning journal
see Los Angeles daily journal
Los Angeles municipal news. Ap 17,1912Ap
9,1913. w
CL s Ap 17, 1912-Ap 9, 1913
CLU m Ap 17,1912-Ap 9,1913
CU m s Ap 24, 1912-1913
Los Angeles Nationalist. S 1889Ja
1890. w
Continued by California Nationalist.
No microform re,)orted
Los Angeles news. Ja 1,1869-N 30,1872. d
Continues Los Angeles semi-weekly news,
Title varies: Los Angeles daily news.
CLCo s [1869-1872]
CLU m [1869-1872]
CU m [1869-1872]
CU-BANC s [1869-1872]

Los Angeles news advocate. 1971-1972?
WHi m* s Ja 15-S 30,1972


Los Angeles Republican
see Evening Republican
Los Angeles semi-weekly news. O 8,1862Ja
11,1863. sw
Continues Los Angeles semi-weekly southern
Continued by Los Angeles tri-weekly news.
No microform reported
Los Angeles semi-weekly news. N 17,1865D
3868. sw
Continues Los Angeles tri-weekly news.
Continued by Los Angeles news, d.
CL s 11865-18683
CF1S s 11865-18683
CLU m s C1865-18683
CSd s C1865-18683
CU m C1865-18683
CU-BANC s 11865-18683
DLC s c1865-My 15,18683
Los Angeles semi-weekly southern news.
Ja 19,1860-0 3,1862. sw
Continued by Los Angeles semi-weekly newt,
C s C1861-18623
CF1S s 1l861-18623
CL s C1861-18623
CLU m C1861-18623
CSd s 11861-18623
CU m 0 2,1861
CU-BANC s 0 2,1861
DLC s CJ1 19, 1861-Ag 18623
Los Angeles sentinel. Ag 27,1933- w
Continues Eastside news.
C s 1946- CtY s 1964-1969
CFlS s 1934- DHU s 1946-1967
CL s 1946- DLC s 1977CLCo
s [My 1934- ICRL s Mr 1946CLS
s 1967- IEN s 1969CLU
s 1946- IU s 1946CLobS
s 1968-1970 McP m 1969CSbC
s Ja-Mr 1970 WHi s My 3,1973
CSdS s Mr 1946

Los Angeles Socialist. N 2,1901-Ag 16,1904.
Continued by Common sense.
WHi m* 1901-1902


Los Angeles star. y 17,1851-My 24,
1879. w,d
In Spanish and English.
Suspended publication O 8,1864-ty 9,1868.
Spanish section: La Estrella de Los Angeles,
My 1851-1855; El Clamor piblico, 1855-?
Frequency varies: daily, Je 1,1870-1879.
C s 11851-18793 CSf s C1851-18793
CF1S a C1851-18793 CU m C1853-18793
CL s C1851-18793 CU-BANC e C1853-18793
CLCo s 11851-18793 CU-SB s 11851-18603

CLU m C1851-18793
CSd s 11851-1879]

DLC s 11851-18793
IU C11851-18523;
KtO m J1 8,1876

Los Angeles sun. 1883?-1888? d
CLCo m s D 3, 9, 28,1887; Ja 6, F 3,1888
Los Angeles times. D 4,1883- d
Title varies: Los Angeles daily times.

AuCNL s Jl 1872AzU
s 1960C
s 1881-1946; 1962CBaK
s 1965-1966
CBaS s 1971CCC
s 1900CDhS
s 1931CFS
s 1971-1
CFIS s 1881CGL
s 1954CL
s 1881CLCo
s '1881-1890];
s 1881CLT
m s 1881CLU
s 1881-1904;
1906; 1925CLobS
s 1881COrL
s 1973CSdS
s 1969CSfSt
s N 1959CSjU
s 1936-1950
CSmH s 1881CSmH
s 1881CSt
s 1945CSta
s 1969CU
s 1906-1930; 1941CU-BANC
s [D1881F
CU-Rlv s 1921CU-S
s 1974

CU-SB s 1881CtU
s 1960DLC
s F14,1900
s 1881IU
s Ag1916; 1941InU-Sb
s Ja 17,19721974

KyU s 1900-1943;
s 1972MU
s 1947MW1W
s 1931-1940
McP m 1881MiKW
s 1968MiU
s 1971MnU
s 1962MoU
s 1881MsHaU
s 1932-1947;
s [1881-1920]
NhD s 1972OKentU
s 1960PSt
s 1965ScRhW
s 1970TxU
; 1881WEi
l 1960WM
s 1972WaPS
s 1953WaU
s 1975

Los Angeles times index. D 4,1881-1945.
Includes general index for 1881-1898; 19121945.
Subject, place, name indexes for
C s 1912-1935
CFlS s 1881-1897; 1912-1945
CL s 1881-1898; 1912-1945
CLT m 1881-1898; 1912-1945
CSd s 1912-1945

Los Angeles tribune. 0 1? 1886-D 5,1890.
CLCo s [1886-1890]
CU m [O 8,1886-1890]
CU-BANC s [1886-1890]


Los Angeles tribune. F 13,1941-1960. w
C s 1946-1956
CLCo s Mr 1946-1956
DmC m Mr 1946-1956
McP m 1946-1956
Los Angeles tri-weekly news. Ja 12,1863N
14,1865. tw
Continues Los Angeles semi-weekly news,
Continued by Los Angeles semi-weekly news,
N 1865-1868.
C s C1864-18653
CF1S s C1864-18653
CL s 11864-18652
CLU m s C1864-18653
CU m 0 2,1863; C1864-18653
CU-BANC s 0 2,1863; C1864-18653
DLC s CO 1864-18653
Los Angeles underground. ? ?
CArcHT s 1968
CSdS s Undated issue, 1968
DLC s Undated issue, 1968
McP m Undated issue, 1968
OC1 s Undatedissue, 1968

Los Angeles weekly news. Ag 10,1973-?
DLC s Ag 10-17,1973
MoP m Ag 10-17,1973
OC1 s Ag 10-17,1973
WHi m* s Ag 10-N 30, 1973



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