Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, United States, 1948-1983, Volume 1 A-O

Newspapers in Microform: United States


FRESNO (Continued)
Fresno herald. 1895-1908? d
Merged with Fresno evening Democrat to
form Fresno herald and Democrat.
No microform reported
Fresno herald, 1913-1924
see Fresno evening herald
Fresno herald and Democrat. 1909-1912. d
Continues Fresno herald, 1895-1908, and
Fresno evening Democrat.
Continued by Fresno evening herald.
CFS s 1909-1912
CU m s [1909-1912]
Fresno herald-cooperative
see Cooperative Californian
Fresno inquirer. 1883-1890. w
CLCo s [Ap-D1889]; Je 27,1890
CU m [Ap-D 1889]; Je 27,1890

Fresno labor citizen. Je 1,1945-Je 26,1953.
Continues Tri-County labor news.
Continued by Valley labor citizen.
CF1S s 1945-1953
CU s 1945-1953
WHi m 1945-1953


Fresno labor news. 1909-1920. w
Continues Union-citizen.
Continued by Tri-county labor news.
CF1S s [1913-1929]
NN m s [1913-1929]

Fresno morning Republican. 1887-Mr 21,1932.
Title varies: Fresno Republican; Daily
Merged with Fresno bee, 1922-1932, to form
Fresno bee and Fresno Republican.
CFS s [1904-N1926]
CU m [1901-1926]; s 1906-1926
CU-BANC s [1901]; 1904-1905
Fresno Republican
see Fresno morning Repubhcan

Fresno resistance newsletter
WHi m* s O-D 1969


1969. m

Grapevine. 1942 ? sw
CLCo s My 23-0 17,1942
WaU m My 23-0 17,1942

Ilammer Field bomb bay. 1942 ?-1944 ?
MnHi m N 1942-0 1944


Japanese times of central California
see Chuka jiho
Mushag. Ja 1,1925-1960? sw, w
In Armenian.
Frequency varies: semi-weekly, 1925-1942.
CU m s [1928-1947]
Nor giank. 1902?-Mr 1920. tw,w
In Armenian.
Merged with Siswan to form Nor giank-siswan.
Frequency varies: tri-weekly, 1915-1920.
No microform reported
Nor giank-aror
see Nor or

Nor giank-siswan. Mr 17,1920-1923?
In Armenian.
Continues Siswan, and Nor giank.
Continued by Nor or.
CU m s [1921-1923]


Nor or. 1923?-1968. sw,w
In Armenian.
Title varies: Nor giank-aror.
Continues Nor giank-siswan.
Frequency varies: semi-weekly, Mr 16,1923J
22,1927; 1948?Published
also in Los Angeles, 1967CU
m s [1923-1965]
DLC m* s 1968
Organ. ? ?
CSdS s 1968
DLC a F 12,1968
McP m F 12,1968
OC1 s F12,1968
WHi m* s F 12-27,1969
Siswan. 1918-Mr 1920. w
In Armenian.
Merged with Nor giank to form Nor gianksiswan.

No microform reported

Tri-county labor news. 1921-My 1945.
Continues Fresno labor news.
Continued by Fresno labor citizen.
CF1S s 1921-1945
CU m 1924-1939; 1943-1945
NN m* 1921-1938
WHim 1939-1945


Union-citizen. 1905-1908. w
Continued by Fresno labor news.
No microform reported

Valley labor citizen. Ji 1953Continues
Fresno labor citizen.
CFIS s 1953WHi
m 1953


Weekly Republican. S 23,1876-Mr 1932. w
CFS s 1877-1904
CU m [1877-1880]; [1884]; Ja 1,1891; [1901];
CU-BANC s [1877-1880]; [1884]; Ja1,1891;
[1901]; [1904]
Fruitvale progress. 1902-1915. w
Continued by Oakland progress, Oakland.
CU m s [1906-1915]
Daily news tribune. 1924- d
Title varies: Fullerton news-tribune.
Continues Fullerton news, and Fullerton
CF1 s 1924CFIS
s 1924Fullerton
news. 1893?-1924? w,sw,d
Frequency varies: weekly, 1893-1919?;
semi-weekly, 1920?-1921?
Merged with Fullerton tribune, dity, to
fo'n Daily news-tribune.
CF1 s 1893-1924
CF1S s 1893-1924
Fullerton news-tribune
see Daily news-tribune
Fullerton tribune. 1914-1924? d
Title varies: Orange County tribune, 1919?
Merged with Fullerton news to form Daily
No microform reported
Orange County tribune
see Fullerton tribune

Galt herald. My 1914- sw, w
Continues Weekly witness.
Frequency varies: semi-weekly My 2Je
3 ? 1914.
C s 1914CU
m s 1914-N1921
McP m 1914

Weekly witness. 1901-Ap 1914.
Continued by Gait herald.
C s 1912-1914
CU m s Je 1906-1914
McP m 1912-1914


Garden Grove news. 1907-1963? w,sw,d
Continued by Orange County evening news.
Frequency varies: semi-weekly, 1955-1957;
daily, 1957-1963.
CLU m [1961]
McP m 1954-1963

Orange County evening news. 1964?Continues
Garden Grove news.
McP m 1964-1970



Gardena valley news. J1 26,1903Absorbed
Gardena reporter.
Frequency varies: weekly, 1903-1957.
CLCo s [1928-1949]
DmC m [1928-1949]


Georgetown gazette. Ap 9,1880-1937? w
Suspended from My 8,1924-D 7,1933.
BMI m 1880-D 1884; 1900-1909
CLCo s [D 1883-Ag 1890]
CU m 1906-My1924; Ag25,1933-1934
Georgetown news. 0 19,1854-My 22,1856. w
Continued by Sierra Democrat, Forest City.
Title varies: Weekly news.
C s [1854-1856]
CSU s 0 1854-1856
McP m [1854-1856]
Weekly news
see Georgetown news

Gerber star. Mr 12,1923-1938.
BMI m D 1926-D 1937
CU m s Ag 13-0 1, 1925
Tehama County reporter. 1949BMI
m Mr 1953-D 1963




Geyserville press. 1932CUm
s 020,1932


Mountain messenger. S? 1854-Ag 1855. w
Continues Gibsoaville trumpet, My-Ag 1854.
Published in La Porte, 1855-1863.
No microform reported


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