Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, United States, 1948-1983, Volume 1 A-O

Newspapers in Microform: United States

CAMP CHAFFEE (Continued)
New people
see Ten Din (New people)
TSn Dfn (New people), My 4-D 10,1975. d
In Vietnamese and English.
English title: New people
CLCo s My 4-5,10, 18, Je 3, 5, 8,10; [J1-D 1975]
WHi m* My4-5,10,18,Je 3,5,8,10; [Jl-D 19755

Camp Pike carry on. N 14,1918-Ag 15,1919.
DLC m*


Trench and camp. ? w
Ar-Ht m 0 1917-S 1918
ArU s 0 1917-S 1918

Camp Robinson news. Ja 23,1942-Mr 19,1943.
Continues Stars and stripes.
Continued by Military news.
Ar-El m a 1942-1943
Covered wagon, Mr 16-D 5,1941. w
Continued by Stars and stripes.
Ar-H m s Mr-D 1941

Military news. Mr 26,1943-JI 12,1946.
Continues Camp Robinson news.
Ar-Hi m s 1943-1946
MnHl m 1943-1946
Stars and stripes. D 12,1941-Ja 16,1942.
Continues Covered wagon.
Continued by Camp Robinson news.
Ar-Hi m s 1941-1942




Arkansas traveler. 1862-?
KHi ms Ja 1,1901


Buck & ball. D 6,1862-?
KHi m s D 6,1862
Carroll County bowlder. N20? 1875-? w
CLCo s J18,1876
KtO m Jl 8,1876
Sharp County record. 1952- w
Published In Evening Shade, Arkansas, 18771952.

Ar-Hi m Jl 24,1952-D 24,1959
Center Point news. 1878-1884. w
Continued by Nashville news, Nashville,
No microform reported
Howard County press. 1893?-1897? w
Ar-Hi m My 18,1893; My 30,1895; J1 9,1896
Monitor. ? w
Ar-Hi m My 23,1902; Jl 22,1904
People's advocate. ? w
Ar-Ht m Je 8,1899; My 24,1900; My 30,1901
Cherokee City advance, ? w
Ar-Hlm 0 1894-Jl 1895

CLARENDON Conway Democrat. 1882-S 1901. w
Merged with Conway log cabin to form Log
Clarendon age. 1874-? w cabin Democrat.
CLCo s My 31, J1 5,1876 Ar-Hl m Ap 8, S 20,1882
EtO m My 31, J1 5,1876

Monroe County sun. 1877- w
Ar-Hi m 1949-D 1958; O 1959-S 1963

Clarksville Democrat. 1909-1918. w
Merged with Johnson County herald to form
No microform reported

Clarksville enterprise. Mr 1873-D 1874.
Ar-Hi m AAp 1873-N 1874]
ArU s [Ap 1873-N 1874]


Clarksville herald. ? w
Ar-Hi m Mr 1, 1888
Herald-Democrat. 1918- w
Continues Johnson County herald, and
Clarksville Democrat.
Ar-Hi m J1 1,1946; 1947-Ja 5,1948;
N 13,1958

Johnson County graphic. 1933Ar-Hi
m S 1953


Johnson County herald. 18937-1918. w
Continues Laborer's herald.
Merged with Clarksville Democrat toform
No microform reported

Clinton banner. 1879-1882.
Ar-Hi m [O 1881-S 1882]


Clinton Democrat. 1887?-1901? w
Ar-HI m Je 25,1889; J 23,1896; Mr 15,1900

Laborer's guide. 18857-1887? w
Ar-Hl m Je 30,1886

Mountain echo. 1887-1888.
Ar-Et mr J1 18,1888


Van Buren County Democrat. Ap 1909Suspended:
Ag 1933-Ap 1934.
Ar-Hi m Je 1909ArU
s Je 1909Van
Buren County journal. ? w
Ar-HI mi My 7,1903


Arkansas farmer. 1895?-1917. w
Continued by Conway weekly times.
Ar-Hi m 1916-Ag 10,1917
Arkansaw traveler. 1875- ? w
CLCo s My 25, Jl13,1876
KtO m My 25, Jl 13,1876
Bulldog. S 1912-S 20,1929. sm,w
Absorbed Hendrix College mirror.
Frequency varies: Semimonthly, 1912-1919?
Continued by College profile.
Ar-Hi m 1812-1929

College profile. O 4,1929Continues
the Bulldog.
Ar-Hi m 1929-Mr 1961


Conway log cabin. 1879-S 1901. w
Merged with Conway Democrat to form Log
cabin Democrat.
Ar-Hi m Je 1882-Ag 1901
ArU s Je 1882-Ag 1901
TxU s [Je 1882-Ag 1901]
WHi m* Ag11,1888
Conway news. Je 11,1926-My 1945. w
Continues Conway weekly news.
Ar-Hi m Je 1926-1945
Conway times. 1924-1927. w
Continues Conway weekly times.
No microform reported
Conway weekly news. My 28,1920-Je 4,1926. w
Continued by Conway news.
Ar-Hi m 1920-Je 1926
Conway weekly times. 1917-1924. w
Continues Arkansas farmer.
Continued by Conway times.
Ar-Hi m Ag 1917-My 1920
The Echo. 1909- w,m,sm
Ar-Hi m S 19,1958-N 14,1968

Faulkner county wheel. 1887-1893? w
Continued by the Populist.
Ar-Hi m J1 19,1891
Hendrix College mirror. 1888?-1919? m
Absorbed by the Bulldog.
Ar-Hi m IN 1889-1912]
Log cabin Democrat. S 1901- w
Continues Conway log cabin, and Conway
Ar-Hi m S 1901ArU
s S 1901TxU
s [1901-1912]
Log cabin Democrat. 1908- d
Ar-Hi m [S 1908-1958]
ArCT s [S 1908-19431
ArU s [S 1908-1958]
McI m Jl 1958-Je 1959; 1960McP
m 1959The
Populist. 18937-1895. w
Continues Faulkner county wheel,
Ar-Hi m Je 28,1893
Clay County courier. 1874?-1899. w
Continued by Courier.
Ar-Hl m S 1893-D 1899
ArStO s S 1893-D 1899
ArJ s S 1893-D 1899

Clay County courier. Ja 2,1914- w
Continues Corning courier.
Ar-HI m 1914-D 1923; 1944; Ag 1953ArStC
s 1914-D 1923; 1944; Ag 1953-F 1954;
F 1956-My 1966
ArU s 1914-D 1923
Corning courier. Ja 5,1906-Ja 2,1914. w
Continues Courier.
Continued by Clay County courier, 1914Ar-Hl
m Ja 1906-1914
ArU a Ja 1906-194
ArStC a Ja 1906-1914
Corning Index. 18867-1900? w
Ar-H m [F 9, 1888-Ja 18,1890]


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