Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, United States, 1948-1983, Volume 1 A-O

Newspapers in Microform: United States


see Poston
American. Jl 1903. w
Published in Tombstone, Mr-Je 1903.
Merged with International and became
No microform reported

Douglas daily dispatch. Ap 1903AzU
m N15,1903-1939; 1965Douglas
daily international. 1909-1925.
Continues International-American.
AzU m Ap 1909-Mr 31,1925
Douglas examiner. 1907. w
WHi m Je 9,11,1907

Douglas weekly international.
AzU m Ja 11-D 20,1918


1918? w

International. F 1902-Ag 1903. w
Merged with American and became
No microform reported
International-American. Ag 1903-1908. d
Supersedes American, and International.
Continued by Douglas daily international.
AzU m My 23,1904-0 1908
Arizona champion. 1883-1891. w
Continues Arizona champion, Peach Springs.
Continued by Coconino sun, 1891-1896.
Az m s [1883-1891]
CU m [Ap 6-S 28,1889]; F 8,1890
CU-BANC s [Ap 6-S 28,1889]; F 8,1890
DLC s 0 1883-1886; Ag 1888-1891
TxFACM s [Ap 6-S 28,1889]; F 8,1890
Arizona daily sun. 1946- d
AzU m Ag 1965Coconino
sun. 1891-N 1896. w
Continues Arizona champion.
Merged with Flagstaff Democrat to form
Flagstaff sun-Democrat.
Az m s [1891-1896]
DLC s 1891-1896
Coconino sun. 1898- w
Continues Skylight kicker.
Az m s [1898-1900]; 1901-J1 1978
DLC s 1898-My 1904

Flagstaff Democrat. 1888-1896. w
Merged with Coconino sun and became
Flagstaff sun-Democrat.
CU m [Je 28,1889-F 21,1890]
CU-BANC s [Je 28,1889-F 21,1890]
TxFACM s [Je 28,1889-F 21,1890]
Flagstaff sun-Democrat. D 1896-N 18,1897.
Formed by the merger ol Coconino sun, and
Flagstaff Democrat.
Continued by Coconino sun, 1897Az
m s 1896-1897
DLC s 1896-1897


Skylight Idcker. N 25-D 1897. w
Continued by Coconino sun, 1898Az
m s [1897]
Skylight kicker
see Coconino sun.
Arizona blade, 1900-1901. w
Merged with Florence tribune to form
Arizona blade-tribune.
No microform reported

Anzona blade-tribune. 1902-Je 10,1971. w
Continues Florence tribune, and Anzona
Merged with Florence weekly reminder to
form Florence reminder and blade tribune.
Az m s [1902-1924]; 1925-1971
Arizona citizen. N 9,1877-1878. w
Continues Arizona citizen, 1870-1877, Tuscun.
Continued by Arizona citizen, 1878-1879,
AzU s 1877-S 6,1878
CU m [1877-S 6,1878]
CU-BANC s [1877-S 6,1878]
DLC s 1877-S 6,1878
TxFACM s [1877-S6,1878]
Arizona weekly enterprise. 1881-1891. w
CU m Ap30,1881; [Ja 28-J122,1882; 1886:
J1 18887-Ap 4,1891]
CU-BANC s Ap30,1881; [Ja 28-J 22,1882; 1886;
J1 1887-Ap 4,1891]
TxFACM s Ap 30,1881; [Ja 28-J1 22,1882;
1886; J1 1887-Ap 4,1891]
Florence alta. 1889-1890. w
CU m [O 18,1889-Ja 25,1890]
CU-BANC s [O 18,1889-Ja 25,1890]
TxFACM s [O 18,1889-Ja 25,1890]
Florence reminder and blade-tribune. Je 17,
1971- w
Continues Florence weekly reminder, and
Arizona blade-tribune.
Az m s 1971Florence
tribune. Ja 7,1892-1901. w
Merged with Arizona blade to form Arizona
Az m s Ag 25,1892-1901
Florence weeldy reminder, 1956?Je
10,1971. w
Merged with Arizona blade-tribune to form
Florence reminder and blade-tribune.
Az m a Je 5,1958-1971
Arizona miner. Mr-My 1864. sm
Published in Prescott, Je 1864-1867.
Az m [Mr 9-My 26,1864]
AzTP s LMr 9-My 26,1864]
AzU s [Mr 9-My 26,1864]
CU-BANC s [Mr 9-My 26,1864]
DLC m* s Mr 9-My 26,1864
NcU s Mr 9-Mr 1864
TxFACM s [Mr 9-My 26,1864]

Arizona round-up. S 3,1972-N 3,1974,
Continues Gilbert round-up.
Continued by Gilbert examiner,
Az m s 1972-1974


Free press, Je 23-D 1977. w
Az m a 1977

Gilbert enterprise. J1 12,1929-J1 13,1969.
Continued by Gilbert round-up,
Az m s 1929-1969

Gilbert examiner. N 10,1974-0 1,1975.
Continues Arizona round-up.
Az m s 1974-1975



Gilbert news, S 10-N 19,1964. w
Az ms 1964

Gilbert news. Ag 17,1978Az
m a 1978



Gilbert round-up. J1 20, 1969-Ag 1972.
Continues Gilbert enterprise.
Continued by Arizona round-up.
Az m s 1969-1972

Gilbert sun. 0 2,1919-1921?
Az m s 1919-JI 8, 1920

Tallyho. 1974?WHi
m* My 1981




Arizona silver belt. 1878-1913. w
Published in Miami, 1913CU
m [My 9,1878-Je 1880; Mr 25-J122,1882;
Jl 12,1884; F 1885; Ja-Je 16,1888; 1889Mr
CU-BANC a [My 9,1878-Je 1880; Mr 25-J1
22,1882; J 12,1884j; F 1885; Ja-Je 16,1888;
1889-Mr 1892]
TxFACM s [My 9,1878-Je 1880; Mr 25J1
22,1882; J112,1884; F 1885; Ja-Je 16,1888;
1889-Mr 1892]

Daily Arizona silver belt. 1906-1913.
Published in Miami, 1913AzU
m 0 1906-Mr 1913


Arizona bullion. 1880. w?
CU m Ap 28,1880
CU-BANC s Ap 28,1880
TxFACM s Ap 28,1880
Arizona mining news. S 12,1895-0 23,1897. w
Continued by Jerome mining news.
CoD s S 12,1895-023,1897
Copper belt. 1907-Ag 17? 1912. w
Merged with Jerome mining news to form
Jerome news and copper belt.
No microform reported
Jerome chronicle. 1895? w
CoD s Mr 2-Je 1,1895
CU-BANC m s Mr 2-Je 1, 1895
Jerome daily news. 1898? d
CU-BANC m s Mr-Je 1898
Jerome mining news. 0 30,1897-Ag 17, 1912. w
Continues Arizona mining news.
Merged with Copper belt to form Jerome news
and copper belt.
CoD s 1897-S 1898; Ja 1899-Je 1901
CU-BANC m s [1897-1907]
Jerome news and copper belt. Ag 24,19121924.
Supersedes Copper belt, and Jerome mining
No microform reported
Jerome reporter. 1897-1902? w
Title varies; Yavapal County reporter, 1897.
CU-BANC m s [F 23,. 1899-Ja 3, 1901]
Yavapat County reporter
see Jerome reporter

Mohave County miner. 1887
CU m [1888-Je 1890]
CU-BANC a [1888-Je 1890]
TxFACM s [1888-Je 1890]



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