Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, United States, 1948-1983, Volume 2 P-Z and Title Index

Newspapers in Microform: United States


'ITTSBURGH (Continued)
'ittsburgher Volksblatt. 1858-Ja 1901. d
In German.
Merged with Freiheits Freund to form Volksblatt
und Freiheits Freund.
McP m 1859-1877; 1885-1901
P s Ag 4,1885-1901
PPi s 1859-1869
'olish falcon
see Sokol Polski
Presbyterian banner. 1852-1856. w
Continued by Presbyterian banner and advocate.

No rmcroform reported
Presbyterian banner. 1862?-1937. w
Continues Presbyterian banner and advocate.
ImI m S 21,1864-F 23, Ap 13-S 7,1870
P s S 21,1864-F 23, Ap 13-S 7, 1870
Presbyterian banner and advocate. 18561862?
Continues Presbyterian banner, 1852-1856.
Continued by Presbyterian banner, 1862-1937.
ImI m S 24,1859-S 15,1860
P s S 24,1859-S 15,1860

'rinter's labor tribune. N 21-27, 1873.
Continued by Weekly labor tribune.
AAP s 1873
CF1S s 1873
IU s 1873
MoP m 1873
WHi s 1873


usm. Je 30,1910-1917? bw
In Carpatho-Ruthenian.
ICRL m* 1910-1916
MnU-IA s 1910-1917
Msskif viestnik. 1817-1941. w
In Russian.
Continued by a magazine of the same title.
CSt-H m Ja 1933-Je 1941

iturday dollar chronicle. 1859-1864.
McP m Ag 27,1859-1861
PPi s Ag 27,1859-1861


iturday morning commercial. 1861-0 1866.
Continued by Pittsburgh commercial.
DLC s 1863-1866
McP m 1863-1866


;aturday visiter. D 18,1847-1854. w
Title varies: Pittsburgh Saturday visitor,18481850.

Continues Spirit of liberty.
InI m J113, Ag 10-17, S 7-0 5, N16-D 14,1850,
Ap 3,1852
McP m 1848-1853
P s Jl 13, Ag 10-17, S 70 5, N 16-D 14,1850;
Ap 3,1852
PPi s 1848-1853
.PSt s [1848-1854]
ilobodna ret. ? ?
In Serbian.
Title in English: Free expression.
MnU-C m s D 18,1934-D 29,1948
MnU-IA s D 1934-1948
WHi s D 18,1934-D 29,1948
Slovensky hlasnik. 1908- w, m
In Slovak.
MnU-IA s 1908-1950; 1952-1975

Sokol Polski. 1896- w
In Pohsh and English.
English title: Polish falcon.
MnU-IA s Ag 1910-1967
Spirit of liberty. 1841-1847 ? w
Continued by Saturday visiter.
McP m [1841-1843]
PPi m 1841-1843
PPiD s 1841-1843
Squirrel Hill news. 1932- w
Continues Squirrel Hill news-times.
MoP m [1956-1966]

Squirrel Hill news-times. 1931 ?-1932.
Continues Squirrel Hill times.
Continued by Squirrel Hill news.
No microform reported


Squirrel Hill times. 1923-1931? w
Continued by Squirrel Hill news-times.
No microform reported
Srbadaia. ? ?
In Serbian.
MnU-C m s Mr 31, 1921-D 1927
Statesman. My 9,1818-1826. w
Continues Commonwealth.
Continued by Statesman and Pittsburgh and
public advertiser.
MI- s 1818-1826
Readex mp 1818-1826
Statesman and Pittsburgh public advertiser. 18261836.
Continues Statesman.
ImI m N 14,1827; Ja 16, Ag 13,1828; J1 22Ag
P s N14,1827; Ja 16, Ag 13,1828; J1 22Ag

Steel labor. Indianapolis edition . 1943Published
in Indianapolis, Ind., 1936-1943.
Cs 1943-1971
CLU s 1943McM
s m 1943-1962
McP m 1959-1966
WvU s 1959-1960

Teamster news. 1952MH
m Ag 1955-Mr 1961



Thrust. ? ?
CArcHT s 1969
CSdS s 1969
DLC s My 19,1969
McP m My 19,1969
OC1 s My 19,1969
Trades journal. 1888-1890? w
WHi m My 5-15,1888; Mr 9-My 11,1889; S 14,
1889; S 27-0 4, 1800.
Transit journal. ? ?
MoP m 1884-1919

Tree of liberty. Ag 16,1800-1810?
MII s 1800-J19,1804

True press. 1858-Ja 7,1861.
MoP m 1858-1861
PPi s 1858-1861



Unione. 1890- w
In Italian.
ICRL s [F 27,1931-1962]
PPi m F 28,1930-D 21,1962
PPiU s F 28,1930-D 21,1962

Volksblatt unl Freiheits Freund. 1901-1942. d
In German.
Formed by the merger of the Pittsburgher
Volksblatt and Der Freiheits Freund.
McP m 1901-1942
P s 1901-1942
PPi s 1901-1942
WHi s 1901-1942
Weekly labor tribune. Ja 1-8,1874. w
Continues Printer's labor tribune.
Continued by National labor tribune.
AAP s 1874
IU s 1874
McP m 1874
Weekly mercury and manufacturer. 1842Jl
26, 1845. w
Continues Pittsburgh mercury and Allegheny
No microform reported
Wielkopolanin. 1898-1935? w
In Polish.
NN m* 1915
Zajedniar. 1907- w
In Croatian and English.
DLC m s Ja 1954-1972; 1976MnU-C
m s 1913-D 25,1940
MnU-IA s 1907-1940
WHi s Ja 1907-D 25,1940

Industrial advocate. 1903.
WHi m D 26,1903


Pittston gazette. Ag 1850-1900. w
Title varies: Pittston gazette and Susquehanna
anthracite journal; Pittston gazette and
Luzerne anthracite journal; Pittston gazette
ImI m Ag 1850-Mr 1857; Mr 1860-Je 1874;
Jl 1889-Je 1899
P s Ag 1850-Mr 1857; Mr 1860-Je 1874;
J1 1889-Je 1899
Pittston gazette. Je 1882- d
ImI m Ag 14,1903-1918; J1-S 1921
P s Ag 14,1903-1918; Jl-S 1921
Pittston gazette and Luzerne anthracite journal
see Pittston gazette, weekly
Pittston gazette and Susquohanna anthracite journal
see Pittston gazette, weekly
Pittston gazette weekly
see Pittston gazette, weekly
Berks, Chester and Montgomery ledger
see Montgomery ledger
Montgomery ledger. N 10,1843-1921? w
Title varies: Montgomery ledger and Berks
and Chester advertiser; Berks, Chester and
Montgomery ledger.
ImI m Jl 1889-Je 1910
P s J1 1889-Je 1910
Montgomery ledger and Berks and Chester advertiser

see Montgomery ledger


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