Library of Congress Catalogs: Newspapers in Microform, Foreign Countries, 1948-1983

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... Checklist of Newspapers on Microfilm" by George A. Schwegmann, Jr., chief of the Union Catalog Division... of volumes of newspapers have been reproduced on microfilm by various agencies in the United States... these newspapers on microfilm] might be made known to potential users," and "that librarians everywhere [might... the publication in 1948 of a separate bibliography entitled Newspapers on Microfilm: A Union Check List... to the Union Catalog Division. Mr. Schwegmann went on to produce a fourth edition of Newspapers on Microfilm

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... for Research Libraries, Chicago, Ill. 60637 ICRL(ARL) Foreign Newspapers Microfilm Project, Association.... 61462 FrPBN Bibliotheque National, 58, rue de Richelieu, Paris 2e, France Foto-File Microfilm Foto...-File Co., 1306 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Mo. No longer in business. Microfilm collections dispersed..., Ga. 30458 GU University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 30601 GmC General Microfilm Company, 100 Inman Street..., Cambridge, Mass. 02139 GmNE Graphic Microfilm Division, Spaulding Company, Inc., 80 Hawes Way, Stoughton


... Abbreviations microfilm master (negative) microfilm preservation master (negative) microfilm... service copy (negative) microfilm master (positive) microfilm preservation master (positive) microfilm

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.... 82070 WyU University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo. 82070 XmC Standard Microfilm Reproductions Limited, 44

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..., Norwich, United Kingdom UkNrE Eastern Counties Newspapers, Ltd. Prospect House, Rouen Rd., Norwich, United..., Bodleian Library, Rhodes House, Oxford, United Kingdom UkPS Portsmouth and Sunderland Newspapers, Ltd... WaWW Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wash. 99362 WeM Western Microfilm, Ltd., 10546 114th St

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... Library of Congress Catalogs Newspapers in Microform Foreign Countries 1948-1983 WASHINGTON 1984 C

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... Library Services, P.P. Box 643, Auburn, N.Y. 13021 AmC Arcata Microfilm Corporation, 1105 Fairchild Drive... Newspapers Publishers Limited, Toowoomba, Qld., Australia AuU Australian National University, Canberra, A

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... Hudiksvallsgatan 8 Stockholm, Sweden CeM Central Microfilm Service Corporation, 1601 Washington Avenue, St. Louis..., Chile ChlU University of Chile, Valparaiso, Chile CmI Cascade Microfilm Systems, Inc., 1037 SW 5th... Street, Portland, Or. 97204 CmL Commonwealth Microfilm Library Limited, 430-700 6th Avenue, S....W. Calgary 1, Alberta, Canada CnM Centro Nacional de Microfilm, Madrid, Spain Co Colorado State Library... Haven, Conn. 06520 CusM Custom Microfilm Systems, Inc. 3514 14th Street, Riverside, Calif. 92502 CzBh

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... Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 75-644000 ISSN 0097-9627 Key title: Newspapers in microform


... Sandy Mount Road, Dublin 4, Ireland McI Microfilm Center, Inc., 2043 Proctor St., Dallas, Tex. 75235... McInc Microcomfax, Inc., 925 Kranzel Drive, Camp Hill, Pa. 17011 McPA Microfilm Corporation... MfS Microfilm Systems, 716 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80902 Mi Michigan State Library

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... countries section of Newspapers in Microform 1948-82, together with reports received through 1983.... The number of newspapers included here varies widely from country to country. In many developing nations... there is no obvious urgency about reducing newspapers to microform, and there is no particular reason why the state... library of a central European nation should report its holdings of microfilmed newspapers to the Library... copy of it. Because the availability of foreign newspapers in microform is so different from that of U

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..., Conn. 06525 SIM Service International de Microfilm, 9 rue du Commandant Riviere, Paris 8e, France SRI... University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore SiNL See SgpNL SiU See SgpU SmC Southern Microfilm... Corporation, 7015 Almeda Road, Houston, Tex. 77045 SwM Southwest Microfilm, Inc., 1302 E. Yandell Dr., El

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.... 85721 BM See UK BMC Biel's Microfilm Company, 1201 Indian Church Road, West Seneca, N.Y. 14224 BMI Bay... Microfilm, Inc., 737 Loma Verde Avenue, Palo Alto, Calif. 94303 BPB Baltimore Photo and Blue Print Co., 211

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... of Congress is improved bibliographic access to foreign newspapers and, eventually, comprehensive coverage... of current and retrospective foreign newspapers among research libraries" (Foreign Newspaper Report No. 1, p.... 2). Newspapers in Microform presents the reports currently in hand, with as much pertinent... for many areas of the world, and more complete bibliographic information is required for many newspapers


... Kingdom UkCh Chelmsford Library, Chelmsford, United Kingdom UkCoE Essex County Newspapers, Ltd., 10... Kingdom UkLA Associated Newspapers, Ltd., Carmelite House, London, EC4, United Kingdom UkLB... Beaverbrook Newspapers, Ltd., Fleet St., London, EC4, United Kingdom UkLBM See Uk UkLCS Institute... Kingdom UkLIP IPC Newspapers, Ltd., 33 Holborn Circus, ECi, London, United Kingdom UkLLT Lambeth Public... of Lincoln Public Library, Free School Lane, Lincoln, United Kingdom UkLuH Home Counties Newspapers Ltd

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.... Bibliographical data about many newspapers, except Canadian ones, is at a minimum. Whenever possible, publication

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... GUINEA FRENCH MOROCCO see MOROCCO newspapers in Microform: Foreign Countries

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... Newspapers in Microform: Index Jildische Runschau Maccabi, Basel, Switzerland Judische Volksstimme

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... Newspapers in Microform: Index Kan-su jih pao, Lan-chou, China Kan-tse pao, Kan-tse, China Kan

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... Newspapers in Microform: Index Objet du jour, Paris, France Obozrenie, Pfaffenhofen, Germany