FCC Record, Volume 27, No. 3, Pages 1878 to 2785, February 21 - March 16, 2012

for coordination of service documentation/maintenance manuals both for the new MDT racks and for
installation of back-to-back equipment at the Todt Hill repeater site."97 Sprint offers 16 hours for each
task. Although Port Authority claims that BAH participated in this effort, Sprint claims that "neither the
scope of its efforts nor the specific hours are provided,"'' and declines to offer anything to BAH for its
role in the MDT rack redesign.
6. Logistics Associated with Additional Equipment
39. Port authority Position. Port Authority submits that where Sprint has provided equipment or
paid for new equipment, it has refused to fully pay Port Authority for its associated costs such as
engineering, technical and logistical coordination, and documentation support." For example, Port
Authority claims that Sprint approved changes to the radio feature sets' " and knew there would be
associated project management costs, but refused to pay them.'" Port Authority also complains that
Sprint provided it with defective equipment but refused to fully pay M/A-COM for coordinating the
return of the defective equipment and overseeing delivery, distribution, and installation of replacement
equipment.'"2 Port Authority argues that these "additional project management costs were not included in
the FRA since it was reasonable for the Port Authority to believe that it would be provided with proper
equipment from Nextel in the first instance.''"10
40. Sprint Position. Sprint again argues that Port Authority has not detailed the tasks it claims for
project management.'4 It submits that "it is not obvious which costs the Port [Authority] believes fall in
this specific category as opposed to overlapping with the other task categories discussed only very
generally in its PRM.''05 Sprint submits that M/A-COM appears to request an excessive "56 additional
project management hours for its feature code work, and 36 additional hours for handling equipment
shipments."'" Sprint offers 16 hours and 8 hours, respectively, for these tasks. With regard to M/A-
COM's project management oversight of delivery and installation of hardware at three sites, Sprint
suggests that the work itself was performed by the Port Authority's vendor, Eastern Communications, and
that the 48 hours logged by M/A-COM for overseeing the vendor were unnecessary and excessive.07
Sprint offers 16 hours for M/A-COM's oversight of Port Authority's vendor. 108
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