Canonical and noncanonical equilibrium distribution


Article discussing research on canonical and noncanonical equilibrium distribution.

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  • Creation: 2001

Article discussing research on canonical and noncanonical equilibrium distribution.

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Abstract: We address the problem of the dynamical foundation of noncanonical equilibrium. We consider, as a source of divergence from ordinary statistical mechanics, the breakdown of the condition of time scale separation between microscopic and macroscopic dynamics. We show that this breakdown has the effect of producing a significant deviation from the canonical prescription. We also show that, while the canonical equilibrium can be reached with no apparent dependence on dynamics, the specific form of noncanonical equilibrium is, in fact, determined by dynamics. We consider the special case where the thermal reservoir driving the system of interest to equilibrium is a generator of intermittent fluctuations. We assess the form of the noncanonical equilibrium reached by the system in this case. Using both theoretical and numerical arguments we demonstrate that Lévy statistics are the best description of the dynamics and that the Lévy distribution is the correct basin of attraction. We show that the correct path to noncanonical equilibrium by means of strictly thermodynamic arguments has not yet been found, and that further research has to be done to establish a connection between dynamics and thermodynamics.

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Keyword(s): equilibrium distributions | canonical | noncanonical | Lévy distribution
Source: Physical Review E, 2001, College Park: American Physical Society
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  • DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.64.011107 |
  • ARK: ark:/67531/metadc77164
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