FCC Record, Volume 26, No. 7, Pages 4843 to 5761, March 28 - April 08, 2011

* The technology or technologies being deployed (e.g., CDMA, TDMA, LTE), or that the
licensee plans to deploy.
* The service(s) being provided (e.g., mobile voice, mobile data, fixed voice, fixed data), or the
service(s) the licensee intends to provide.
* The areas where the licensee is providing service.5
Licensees may illustrate the areas where they are providing service in narrative form or with maps,
noting which license is associated with service in a particular area.
The Bureau recognizes that many licensees hold multiple 700 MHz licenses. For administrative
ease, we encourage such licensees to file a consolidated status report. Within this report, the required
information must be provided on a license-by-license basis.
The Bureau does not anticipate that licensee status reports will include competitively sensitive
information such as the confidential terms and conditions of equipment contracts, site leases, or financial
arrangements. Nonetheless, parties that choose to provide competitively sensitive information may seek
confidential treatment in accordance with the Commission's rules and policies.6
Filing Procedures.
Reports must be filed electronically through the Bureau's internet site at http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls.
1. After opening the Bureau's Universal Licensing System webpage
(http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls), select "ULS Pleadings" (under "ULS Online Systems") from
the link options located on the left side of the page.
2. Upon reaching the Non-docketed Pleadings page, select the "700 MHz Performance Status
Report" option from the Pleading Type drop-down menu.
3. In this instance, the filer is the licensee. Enter both filer information and contact
4. On the next page, enter the relevant call sign(s) included in the performance status report.
The report will be linked to each specified call sign via the Universal Licensing System
(ULS) License Search.
5. On the next page, select attachment type pleading or confidential pleading (if the filing
contains confidential information).
6. If you file a confidential report, you must also file a public report with the confidential
information redacted.7
6 See, e.g.. 47 C.F.R. 0.459.
7 For further information regarding filing confidential information, see47 C.F.R. 0.459


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