Implications of Electronic Mail and Message Systems for the U.S. Postal Service

OTA Electronic Message Systems Project Staff

John Andelin, Assistant Director, OTA
Science, Information, and Natural Resources Division
Sam Hale, Interim Program Manager
Communication and Information Technologies*
Fred B. Wood, Project Director**
Jean E. Smith, Study Coordinator
Zalman A. Shaven, Senior Analyst
Fred W. Weingarten, Senior Analyst
Elizabeth A. Emanuel, Administrative Assistant
Shirley A. Gayheart, Secretary
Jeanette Contee, Wordprocessor
Charles C. Joyce, Jr., and Jeffrey Held,
Richard L. Deal & Associates, Inc.
Renee G. Ford, Tifford Producers, Ltd.
Keith Geeslin, Walter Hinchman Associates, Inc.
Marvin A. Sirbu, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael F. Cavanagh, Cavanagh Associates
Robert Anthony, Mitre Corp.
Robert Johansen, Institute for the Future
Harley W. Radin, Consultant
OTA Publishing Staff
John C. Holmes, Publishing Officer
John Bergling Kathie S. Boss Debra M. Datcher Joe Henson
*March 1981 throughFebruary 1982; Stephen E. Doyle served as Program Manager through February 1981;,Fred W. Weingarten was appointed
Program Manager effective March 1982.
**since Je 197;RuannE.PengovservedasProjectDirector through May 1979.

United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment. Implications of Electronic Mail and Message Systems for the U.S. Postal Service. UNT Digital Library. Accessed August 5, 2015.