Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War

the Marines who fought there and the way they fought still bore the indelible mark of the
Marine Corps and its culture and values in their performance, conduct, attitude, and
accomplishments. And while the standards Marines hold for themselves are sometimes
exaggerated, the 1st Mar Div in Korea, 1951, added many laurels to the name of Marine,
and bore its "proud burden" well.55
Until North Korea opens up its archives, and if its documents are authentic and not
merely propaganda, a more complete picture of this battle cannot be had. This is one of
the biggest weaknesses of Korean War historiography: relatively few documents can be
had from the Communist side, and the question is important whether any that do see
light are not edited as to their content by the Communist governments.
And one thing is certain, no matter how forgotten Korea is and this battle in
particular, the men who were there can never forget.
Oscar Franco has never been the same:
Even today, I am not completely over being "shell shocked." Any sudden
noise will make me jump. I landed in the hospital two to three times after I got
back in 1952. One time the rodeo parade was going through downtown when
they shot their .45s. I hit the deck in front of the Woolworth's store! People
gathered around me and a policeman wanted to know if I was drunk ...
When I worked for the City of Tucson, the guys at work had a steel plate
that they would drop on the floor near me to see me jump. It was a big joke to
them .. 56
William T. Dunn recalled:
I brought with me the names of five Marines that I was with when they
died, as I thought perhaps it might ease their parent's pain, if they talked to
someone who was with them when they died. The first visit was to the parents of
Dave Munson from Richmond. This was about a week after I returned home that
I drove to Richmond, went to the newspaper office for his address and located
his house. He was an only child and his parents were two of the finest people
as "Indelible" is certainly the best word to use; it means, "incapable of being erased or removed."
56 Oral memoir of Oscar "Challo" Franco.


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