Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War

Seven POWs were taken by 2/5 alone during the day. These reported that their
unit had received 43 KIA and 54 WIA in the previous days. One NKPA who was
wounded was ordered to take his pants down by a corpsman in order to see the wound.
The man was reluctant. The corpsman, weary and impatient, pulled them off for him and
to the humor of the Marines revealed the man to be wearing "the brightest green long-
handled skivvies this side of Ireland."42
Orders came down to continue to consolidate positions and patrol. The 5th
Marines, furthermore, was to assume responsibility for the 1st Marines zone. Emphasis
was to be on supporting arms in destroying any enemy encountered.43
The night was relatively quiet, though Marines on watch could hear the enemy
laying mines and moving about. "Despite the bombardments and the rain, most Marines
on the lines who had been able to keep dry got their best night's sleep since the 15th44
Among 2/5 alone, the casualties were: 12 KIA and 67 WIA. Losses for the whole
division were: 16 KIA and 93 WIA for the U. S. Marines, and 5 WIA for the KMCs. For
the enemy, they were: 50 KIA, 55 WIA, both estimated, and 9 POWs.45
Day Nine: September 19
The Rock
Seven Hundred yards west from Hill 812 on the ridge leading to 980, a
conspicuous protrusion of granite stood silhouetted against the September sky. This
landmark was known among the Marines as "the Rock." It was a "very distinctive
Gothic-spire-like granite projection rising approximately twenty-five feet into the air,
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