Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War

before a Marine could purloin them as a souvenir.) All the passing Marines thought him
dead. "Finally, well after the ridge had been secured," a Marine found a live NKPA in a
nearby bunker and shot him when he refused to surrender. The "dead" NKPA on the
slope heard this and sat up whereupon the Marines took him prisoner.87
One Marine who was there described the fight: "With the lifting of supporting fires,
the 2d Platoon, "F" Company charged into the North Korean strong point. Thirty-five
minutes later, after hand-to-hand combat and grenade duels, the southern portion of Hill
812 was secure, allowing the 1st Platoon of "E" Company to clear the northern tip, to
pass through the 'F' Company platoon and attack toward the base of Hill 980."'88
By this time, Fox-2 and Easy-3 had set up a hasty defense on the objective and
reorganized and resupplied themselves with ammo. Very little was left for Easy-1 to
"mop up." The objective was pretty well consolidated. The squad of 60mm mortars
attached to Easy-2 then set up to provide support for a further attack if ordered. This
completed the seizure of Hill 812. "Since regimental orders had specified 'before
nightfall,' Objective Dog had been seized ahead of schedule."89
"As the assault had been a bloody one, wounded Marines were on both slopes of"
the razor ridge. PFC Bennett (no first name supplied) was a mortar ammo carrier. The
hilltop was now secure but the ridge extending past it to the west was still enemy
territory and SA and AW fire was still coming in, in addition to the mortar and artillery fire
from Hills 980 and 1052. He "crawled over the lip of the ridge" into the face of this fire to
drag a wounded Marine to the cover offered by the reverse slope. Bennett continually
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