Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War

Company fired 75mm recoilless rifles towards where a big bunker could be seen. It was
judged to be successfully neutralized.60
Easy's 2nd Platoon under Lieutenant Hinson (no first name supplied) made its way
through the Fox CP and up the slopes of a finger ridge to Fox Company's northwest.
(See Map # 33) It had not gone any farther than half way, however, before a withering
crossfire coming directly down the finger ridge had pinned it down. Four Marines fell
wounded almost at the first burst. Hinson then decided that the south slope was
untenable and moved to the reverse slope of the ridge where there was some defilade.
There the platoon waited for further orders (all before H-hour). At 0850, the rest of Easy
was ready to jump off.61
About the same time, 0800, Charlie Company from 1/5 came into 2/5's area to set
up a blocking position on 2/5's right flank, Hill 749. Later on, however, this plan changed
and Charlie left back to 1/5's zone.62
By 1030, only a hundred yards of progress had been made (by Easy) and the
enemy converging fire was still coming in. The CO of 2/5 then "ordered an all-out drive
for the objective, following a preliminary barrage of everything that could be thrown at
the enemy-artillery, 75mm recoilless, rockets, and 81mm and 4.2 inch mortars."63
Meanwhile, Fox's 2nd platoon under Lieutenant Roth, the one concealed in the
trees near the objective, had been ready to attack by 0550. But the base of fire for its
support and Easy Company's advance took so much time that this platoon did not step
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