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Battle for the Punchbowl: The U. S. 1st Marine Division 1951 Fall Offensive of the Korean War

yelling into his radio for them to lift their fire. One bunker, on a little knob that
jutted out from the right side of 673, had one of the machine guns that were
giving us problems. One tank round went into the aperture. Maxim and crew went
straight up through the logs, dirt and rocks, about 50 feet in the air.5
Sergeant Frederick W. Mausert was a Squad Leader in Baker, 1/7. His company
was pinned down and getting decimated in a hail of murderous enemy machine gun,
artillery, and mortar fire. Mausert leapt from cover and ran through the dense minefields,
enemy rounds striking all around him, to move two badly injured Marines to cover. He
received an excruciating head wound in the process, but refused evacuation. He
insisted on staying with his squad. His platoon was ordered to assault a few minutes
later, and Mausert led his men "in a furious bayonet charge against the first of a literally
impregnable series of bunkers." He fell to the ground stunned when a bullet hit his
helmet, but was back up a moment later, still driving forward. He personally knocked out
one machine gun nest and helped destroy several other emplacements. He reorganized
his men for a "renewed fight to the final objective on top of the ridge." He then, "boldly
left his position when the enemy's fire gained momentum," making himself visible to the
enemy to draw their fire off his men so they could get into position for the assault. He
charged alone into the teeth of the machine gun fire. He was severely wounded again,
but still refused aid. He again led an assault to "the topmost machine-gun nest and
bunkers, the last bulwark," of the enemy. He once more leapt into "the wall of fire," and
wiped out one more MG before being mortally wounded. His "fortitude, great personal
valor and extraordinary heroism in the face of almost certain death, had inspired his
5 Jack L. Cannon, "Attack on Hills 673 and 749," 24.


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