The Grey Prince

The Grey Prince
Jim Casey
This project has been a tremendous growing experience forme
as a writer. I am beginning to understand and appreciate more fully
all the intricacies of the novel. A book really is an autonomous,
growing entity. In your evaluation of my colloquium, please try to
read the piece as if you were reading merely for enjoyment as /
intend to publish the work if possible.
/ welcome any and all types of criticism. Please tell me what
you do not like even if you are not sure why it disturbs you. What
I am hoping to gain from the evaluation is a feeling for which aspects
of authorship / am succeeding at and which / am failing to achieve.
Please comment especially on my use of plot, dialogue and character
My main focus has been to create a believable, multi-faceted
world with its own history, mythology and peoples. / have
experimented with different devices of style and have attempted
some things that / do not think have been done before. However,
/ am not going to discuss such things here because / would like to
hear your impressions of what / have done before / tell you what /
am trying to do. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Casey, Jim. The Grey Prince. Denton, Texas. UNT Digital Library. Accessed October 1, 2016.