Surface Machinery and Methods for Oil-Well Pumping


In a modification of this method, two additional wells are pumped
by attaching a pipe or steel rod near each end of the walking beam
of the first well. The lower end of each of these steel rods is attached
to a piece of sprocket chain that passes under a sprocket wheel sup-
ported by bearings attached to the main sill. The lower and outer
end of each of these sprocket chains is attached to the shackle line
leading to a well being pumped by a jack.
This method, as used by the Texas Co. in the Homer oil field,
Louisiana, has recently been described by Steen.15

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FIGURE 8.-Modification of beam pumping; use of two jacks and a shackle line.
Figure 8, B, is an example of two wells being pumped by shackle
lines attached by a block to the wrist pin on the crank arm of the
band wheel and delivering power to jacks, one at each of the wells.
This method of pumping is known as pumping by jerk line. When
the load is properly balanced, the method is often used to pump
four or five wells from the wrist pin of one well pumping on the
15 Steen, A. B., Making three blades of grass grow where one grew before, The Texaco
Star, Sept., 1922, pp. 9-10.


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