Surface Machinery and Methods for Oil-Well Pumping

PLATE XXIII. A, Long-stroke Pennsylvania-type jack in operation;
B, Oklahoma-type jack in operation --------------- 76
XXIV. Heavy balanced beam used with Oklahoma-type jack- 77
XXV. Powers, wells, and shackle-line connections, Kern
River oil field, California _______________________ 90
XXVI. A, Pipe mast and drum for pulling oil wells, Bartlesville,
Okla.; B, Derrick built to conform to order of Cali-
fornia Accident Commission; C, Tubular derrick,
Big Muddy oil field, Wyoming _________________ 110
XXVII. A, Wooden derrick with guy wires, Eldorado oil field,
Kansas; B, Bank of transformers at group of wells
being pumped on the beam 111
XXVIII. A, New type of 15 to 35 hp. oil-well motor; B, Electric
motor for pulling wells, mounted on wagon truck _- 110
XXIX. A, Winch installed at well, chain drive from band wheel;
B, Winch mounted on truck-used for pulling
wells--------------------------------------- 111
XXX. A, Winch mounted on tractor, used for pulling wells;
B, Electric motor and direct-connected winch
mounted on wagon, used for pulling wells ---------- 110
XXXI. A, Tanks and flume, Kern River oil field, California;
B, Tanks, boiler, and gas-trap building, Big Muddy
field, Wyoming ------------------------------- 120
XXXII. A, Gas traps made from old gas-welded boiler shells;
B, Pipe cleaning machine at oil-field yards ---------121
FIGURE 1. Heat-loss chart for bare steam pipes_ --- ____-- - - 12
2. Oil-firing indicator for determining proper amount of air
for combustion ------------------------------------- 18
3. Automatic oil-firing regulator and damper control---------- 19
4. Combined separator and compression chamber for fuel-oil
burning system______________- --__, 20
5. Form of report used by foreman of gas-engine repair crew-_ 33
6. Explosion oil engine, four-stroke cycle- -__-- --__ _ 35
7. Explosion oil engine, two-stroke cycle__________ -__ _ 36
8. Modification of beam pumping; use of two jacks and a
shackle line ---------------------------------------65
9. One of the first powers developed in the oil fields--push-
and-pull type---------------------------------------68
10. Small spur gear and crank-arm type of power _____________ 70
11. Shackle-line structures ...... --80
12. Lightening pumping jack__ __--------------- - 88
13. Chart showing horsepower-slip curves for belts ___________ 98
14. Types of belts --------------------------------------100
15. Belt tightener and belt clamp -------------101
16. Belt fasteners and lacing ______ __ 102
17. Outline of typical oil-field organization___---__------- 129
18. Curves showing lifting costs for groups of wells of different
daily production---------- ---------------------- 137



George, H. C. Surface Machinery and Methods for Oil-Well Pumping. Washington D.C.. UNT Digital Library. Accessed February 10, 2016.