Surface Machinery and Methods for Oil-Well Pumping

PLATE I. A, Camp of Ohio Co., Salt Creek field, Wyoming; B,
Machine shop, warehouse, and yards of Western
Union Oil Co., Santa Maria field, California; C,
Water-distilling plant, Salt Creek field, Wyoming;
D, Wells pumped by power at jack plant, Coalinga
field, California-----_ --------------------------- 4
II. Part of a large well-developed oil field, Eldorado, Kans_ 5
III. A, Newly developed oil field, Eldorado, Kans.; B,
Locomotive-type boiler in oil fields; C, Battery of
return tubular boilers in the oil fields equipped with
hinged back arches______________________------- 4
IV. Subfurnace for use with locomotive-type boilers ------- 20
V. Typical slide-valve steam engine used for drilling,
pulling, and pumping oil wells--------------- -----22
VI. Typical oil-field gas engine driving a band-wheel
power_ --------------------------------------- 23
VII. A, Water-circulating tank and gas regulator for gas
engine; B, Reversing gear for gas engine at well
pumping on the beam--------------------------- 22
VIII. A, Tail pump attached to timber extension of power
arm of beam; B, Duplex steam pump used for pump-
ing oil from production tanks to storage tanks------_ 44
IX. A, Tail pump connected to a central power; B, Tail
pump worked by pumping jack driven from central
power; C, Sheet-iron boxing for well pumping on the
beam ---------------------------------------- 45
X. Foundations, buildings, and equipment for pumping
oil wells on the beam by electricity ------------ 58
XI. Machinery and equipment for pumping oil wells on the
beam by electricity ___________----------- 60
XII. A, Counterbalance attached to wrist pin of band-wheel
crank arm; B, Counterbalance attached to beam - _ 62
XIII. A, Suman pumping jack, Saratoga, Tex." B, Unit
pumping power, Bartlesville, Okla.; C, Geared
power, Coalinga oil field, California-_ ----_ _--- - - 63
XIV. Modern power, push-and-pull type, of iron_ - _ - _ - 70
XV. Plan and elevation of bevel gear and disk type of power
of heavy steel__ _ --------------------------------- 72
XVI. Plan and elevation of band-wheel power and housing - 74
XVII. New wooden band-wheel power before being housed-- 76
XVIII. A, Steel band wheel for power pumping; B, Power or
jack-plant house, Bridgeport, Ill.; C, Power or jack-
plant house, Kern River oil field, Bakersfield,
XIX. A, Power or jack-plant house, Big Muddy oil field,
Wyoming; B, Take-off post of heavy braced timber,
two-post pendulum, and combination butterfly; C,
Timbered post with shackle line, rocker used as hold-
up, timber butterfly, shackle-line attachment, and
end brace _ ------------------------------------ 76
XX. A, Power equipped with take-off posts; B, Take-off
post, steel-rod pendulum, one-post pendulum, butter-
fly of timber and pipe, and power and jack attach-
ment for shackle lines; C, Take-off rods and rail in
use_----------------------------------------- 77
XXI. A, Power building with pendulum-type hold-up struc-
ture; B, Rocker type of pipe hold-up; C, One-post
pendulum, rockers, and butterfly of timber and
pipe------------------- --------------------- 76
XXII. A, Butterfly pendulum used as a hold-down; B, One-
arm butterfly with concrete foundation; C, Old
casing and steel rod hold-over_....... ___ 77

George, H. C. Surface Machinery and Methods for Oil-Well Pumping. Washington D.C.. UNT Digital Library. Accessed January 16, 2017.