Coherent control of refractive index in far-detuned Λ systems


Article discussing research on the coherent control of refractive index in far-detuned Λ systems.

Creation Date: December 15, 2011
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Publisher Name: American Physical Society
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  • Creation: December 15, 2011

Article discussing research on the coherent control of refractive index in far-detuned Λ systems.

Department: Physics

Copyright 2011 American Physical Society. The following article appeared in Physical Review Letters A, 84:6,


Abstract: Enhancement and control of the index of refraction in a mixture of two three-level atomic species that form a pair of far-detuned Λ schemes under two-photon resonance has been studied. We employ the density-matrix approach to properly take population relaxation into account and to describe the interaction of each Λ system with the electromagnetic fields. Both Λ systems are driven by a corresponding far-detuned coherent field at one atomic transition and are probed by the same weak field. In the dressed-state basis, it represents a superposition of effective two-level subsystems with the positions, widths, and amplitudes of the resonances controlled by the driving fields and allows for efficient control of the susceptibility of the total system; leading to refractive index (RI) enhancement with vanishing absorption in the absence of amplification. We analyze the experimental implementation of such a system in a cell of Rb atoms with a natural abundance of isotopes. An upper limit estimate of the RI enhancement is obtained.

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Keyword(s): density-matrix | electromagnetic fields | refractive indexes
Source: Physical Review A, 2012, College Park: American Physical Society
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  • DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.84.063835 |
  • ARK: ark:/67531/metadc103270
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Publication Title: Physical Review A
Volume: 84
Issue: 6
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